A couple of nights ago, while waiting for Suami Terchenta to finish his night course @ Cititel, I went to KLCC to cuci mata. Ya, ya... Working at KLCC doesn't mean I get the chance to cuci mata frequently. Usually lunch time I stay in the office coz so lazy to go down.

Suddenly walked into Isetan and blew away what's left of my salary on Communique blouse and Executive pants! :O I can't help it, leh! The mega sales discounts were so irresistible and no way I could get THOSE clothes at THOSE prices any other time. Hanya Tuhan membalas (as Diyana of diyanazman.com would say).

I must hand over my credit card to Suami Terchenta for safekeeping. Otherwise, I'll be getting a few more clothes such as:

1. A new swimming suit:

Source: Al-Fareeda Bazaar

I know, I know! I've got one already and since I don't go swimming every day why need two, right? But LOOK AT THAT DESIGN! How not to fall in love with that burqini? (Btw, burqini is the more or, a loooootttttt more modest version of bikini for Muslimah) Check out Al-Fareeda Bazaar for this kind of swimming suit. The price is reasonable too (RM100) compared to other online shops selling similar item.

2. Shawls

Source: www.shawls2u.blogspot.com

With the new baju, also need new tudung. Jen can become a testament to this crazy habit of both mine & Ainie's. These shawls are gorgeous. The good thing about this blog is, not only the lovely ladies sell shawls, they also provide step-by-step guide on how to wear them with style & elegance!

3. New Baju Kurung:

Source: www.butik-stareast.blogspot.com

I HEART this baju kurung, isn't it elegant? Except for its humongous sleeves, it is exactly something I want for my Raya outfit (eh? Baru je nampak kat Internet, dah kata macam tu?) Selling at RM290. Sigh. Is credit card accepted? :p

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