Lately, I've been thinking to get a new phone. Preferably, something that can be a PDA, mobile phone and video/camera at the same time. The reasons are so I don't have to lug around my pda to keep track work, phone to call/sms people and some more, both also don't have camera. Kesian.

These are among the gadgets that I would grab if I had the moolah:

1. iPhone 3GS:


When they first launched iPhone 3G, I couldn't understand why Suami Terchenta was head-over-heel with this phone. Yes, so it is gorgeous, looks futuristic and the widgets are cute. But that was just it, wasn't it? Then it came to Malaysia and when I laid my hands on it, I finally comprehends his passion for this baby. Like, OMIGOD, THIS PHONE IS SUPER-COOL! I MUST GET ONE FOR MYSELF! Yes, me. The crazy-for-gadgets IT engineer wife. I went gaga every time we passed by one of those billboards with gigantic iPhone on it. If you still don't understand why, read the review here.

This phone is Miss Universe in IT world ok. Don't play-play! The sheer beauty and dazzling shine off the phone kinda knocked me down and since then I have an insatiable desire to pocket one of this beauty. When it comes to touch-screen phone, iPhone has the widest screen and the most finger-friendly keyboard (I never like phones that require a stylus to operate). Also, we won't have problem to locate the kiblat direction because it has an in-built compass! The only reservations I have for iPhone are its price and the fact that it's not Windows-operated. Dammit.

Or, if iPhone is not for work, then maybe I wanna get this:

2. Blackberry Storm:

Work or play. Blackberry is your best bet. It's not half as beautiful as an iPhone but this phone packs it all. You can read all your emails, open Word / Excel document and even edit them. It even has GPS, and for travel fans like us, this would come in handy anytime. A unique feature of the phone is its clickable screen - when you tap the on-screen keyboard, it's like tapping on mechanical keypads. Cool, huh? Another plus, unlike iPhone, the memory can be expanded as it has SD-card slot. The beefed up memory means we can watch movie and I tell you, the picture quality is awesome, babe!

Ah-but-then, like HTC Magic, the phone is not as responsive as iPhone. We have to press real hard to get an application to open or to type email. And also, it's slightly heavier and bulkier compared to the sleek iPhone. But the most unforgiveable flaw of all - it doesn't come with a WiFi. Bleargh! What if I'm at the airport and can get free WiFi but cannot, coz phone got no WiFi mah! *slap forehead*

Then again, Blackberry seems like too serious for my liking, and where design meets functionality, you gotta give it to HTC to whip up something like this:

3. HTC Touch Pro

Runs on Windows Mobile (checked). Has real slide-out / on-screen keyboard (checked). Achingly beautiful/doesn't look too masculine (checked). TouchFLO™ 3D that makes it almost feel like an iPhone (checked). I can almost feel its fingers closing around my heart, but I can't say more, coz I haven't experience this phone yet. Maybe it will jump to no 1 over iPhone if it manages to convince me that it feels as good as it looks.

Ok, enough about phone. Gadget shopping wish-list no 4 (and final, for this moment):

3. Olympus Pen E-P1


I wanna take professional-looking photos but I don't wanna carry a bulky camera that I can't fit in my handbag. One day, jalan2 at PC Fair and suddenly saw this camera. Immediately drooled over it and spent days afterwards dreaming of it. It looks like a compact, feel like a compact (slightly heavier) but you can put on those professional lenses and voila! You have a DSLR in hand (ok la, for leisure photographer like me). Need I elaborate more on this fascinating gadget?

Anybody wants to give me any of these to-die-for gadgets? :p

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