When it comes to impulsive holidays, Suami Terchenta and I have this motto - carpe diem! (seize the day). If you think that it means we have loads of $$ to go on holiday, you are very far from the truth because seriously. We always have budget holiday wan!

Step #1: Marry an impulsive adventurer

Hold my hands tight - we are going on plenty of adventures!

#2: Exploit opportunities and follow your heart

Since we are already in Sabak Bernam for CSR site visit, let's hop over to Lumut and then Pangkor!

#3: Stay at places where early reservation is not required (a.k.a. budget hotel)

Why pay more, just walk and save your moolah on taxi charges!

So let's go cuti-cuti Malaysia, Mr & Mrs Junaidix's style!

p/s: I'll do a review on the resort later.