Recently I have been experiencing a rough patch at work, which is nothing to do with work surprisingly. How I hold up emotionally, only God, Ainie and Jen know. Ok, Ainie & Jen are in the know because we used to share same office, faced same dragons characters, and came up with cute nicknames for them. Durian? However did Ainie manage to come up with that. Tsk.

Anyway, I wouldn't spill here because that wouldn't be professional, kan. Enough to say, my way of dealing with difficult characters is, I choose not to care. For me, life moves on in whatever ways I choose. If I choose to be happy, my life will be happy. Lesson to everybody - never lets other people dictate how you should feel. Happiness should come from within.

Lesson I learn from the whole experience. Whatever happens, there must be a hikmah. Maybe God just want to show me who are my real friends. People like Jen and Ainie, because we once quarreled and did not speak for months but the strength of our friendship lasted us through that and the bond became even stronger once we overcame our differences. People like Kak Za, who dared to point out my mistakes right in my face instead of talking behind my back to others. People like my dear friend Bib, who stand by me through thick or thin over the past 9 years, people like Agatha, who stood to defend me when someone tried to backstab me, and people like Eva, who never judged me and accepted me for me.

Of course, there are also people who boost up my morale like Msjbox buddies, and recently people I met over a game of futsal. The hikmah I see is, when one door closed, another door opens. More opportunities to meet more people. More experiences doing new things that enrich my life.

I believe in seeing a glass half full. I do not want to dwell on negative thoughts. Work is already so stressful, why stress myself even more thinking about people's behaviors and attitude? One thing I like about my old company - almost everybody back-stabbed everybody but in the office, professional facade is still maintained even though you hate that person's guts so bad. When you have to communicate to that person, you will do it in a professional way. You don't try to avoid communicating to them, you don't re-route the communication to a middle person and you certainly don't display your crude communication skill because that will show your weakness. In other words, you don't mix up your work and personal issues together.

So, best if I keep a respectful distance towards these characters in order not to be affected by their hostile attitude. Hanya Allah membalas dan Allah itu Maha Adil lagi Maha Mengetahui.