Where do I begin. An apology? An explanation? An excuse? Or do I just pretend like nothing happens and just start to tell you people about the latest things in our lives?

Meh sini lap sikit habuk kat blog ni. Hehe.

I decided to do all. Sorry peeps for neglecting this blog because I'm so busy throughout the past two months and I hardly spent time at home let alone on a computer and by the way, our house is finally completed.


That cleared up, let's introduce my new blog skin (again). The light at the end of the tunnel seems appropriate because there's probably a number of reasons why November seems like I'm finally getting out of a dark tunnel into the light:

  1. My colleague is finally back from her maternity leave. Hurray!
  2. Our house is finally completed. Hurray!
  3. I finally completed filling up my travel claim forms and can wait for my money to be reimbursed by the Company. Hurray!
  4. I'm finally pregnant. Oops. Itu tipu. Masih lagi anak dara.

Talking about our house, last week we went to have our first peek at the completed apartment building (yup, walaupun gaji sebagai kuli korporat adalah sangat memuaskan, tapi masih tak mampu beli rumah ada tanah ok). We met our future neighbours and they seemed like decent people. We even joked about how small our houses look compared to the show room we were ushered into before the wives' jaws crashed open and the hubbies whipped out their pens and signed the sales agreement. Sesal dahulu pendapatan kau... walaupun pendapatan kau tak seberapa sangat.

Tapi, small house means small investment to turn it into a dream house. Why do we need a bungalow? We don't even have kids yet! By the time we have one (or twins, as we keep telling ourselves), we probably won't be staying here anymore. Huhu. Bonda Terchenta, sila doakan anakmu ini dapat transfer ke sana ye.

Here are a few photos of the house (pardon the quality of the photos):

The living room view, upon entering the house

The living room view from the other end

The master bedroom (separuh siap)

The kitchen area (about same size with our current kitchen)

The first headache's gone with the house targeted for completion next February (Insya Allah), and now we will face another headache - how to go about renovating it?

And before we even discuss the budget, we have to agree on the colour scheme, because I'm proposing black and white, and Suami Terchenta is all - no way, that's boooorinnng....

Ada sesiapa nak bagi idea kaler apakah patut kami cat ruang tamu baru kami nanti?


  1. I suggest....black and white and REDDDD!! mengancamm wooo

  2. congrats carney! alhamdulillah..am happy for u...
    kalau rumah agak kecik, then better paint with lighter colours ie blue/green/beige-that if u dislike white la kan..
    anyway,happy renovating! jgn gaduh laki bini dah la eh ..hihi...

  3. Amy --> red? dahsyat juak. Hehehe. Meby tgk la dlok ;) merci beaucoup for the suggestion!

  4. Husna --> tq my dear :) tu la, but i like strong colours ;)


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