On Wednesday night, Suami Terchenta fetched me at office at 8pm. As usual. Now you know why I hate work kan?

I was telling him how hungry I felt coz I had very light lunch for a pregger like me (kaya filled steamed bun). Yet, my body is growing at such an unbelievable rate, while my baby inherits the father's gene a.k.a. the baby's current weight is just 1+kg je!

As we approached the traffic light, it suddenly turned red and Suami Terchenta quickly crossed the red light. We were delighted at beating the light but the delight was short-lived - a traffic police waved frantically at us to stop.

Suami Terchenta rolled down the window and began apologising for his mistake profusely. The policeman ignored his apologies and started to ask for his IC and driving license while mulut tak berhenti-henti berleter. En Suami Terchenta made a sheepish face and I automatically placed both hands on my round belly so our baby did not have to listen to her parents being scolded :p

Upon noticing me looking all pale and tired and HUGELY pregnant, the policeman stopped berating us and closed his summons book.

'Kali ni saya maafkan awak. Lain kali jangan buat lagi.' He ended his mini-lecture. We sheepishly thanked him and drove away. As we drove by other drivers that were stopped, we noticed that some were in the middle of persuading the police traffic not to book them, and some even went out of the car to argue with the police. Luckily we got away with a mini-lecture only! Phew!~

Later only did I realise that I was using the fact that I am heavily-pregnant to escape the law! HAHAHAHAHA! Ok, ok. I know this is not good, babies are innocent creatures and should not be used for evil purposes i.e. to run away from being punished. But still, thank you Pak Polisi, for being sympathetic towards this pregnant, workaholic lady! ^_^


  1. ala.. ni namanya bantu membantu.. mama bantu baby bg mkn.. baby tolong mama n papa tlepas dr polis hihi

  2. Kak Masy: Hahaha! Konsep baru ni Kak Masy :D


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