Dear Khayla,

It seems like two seconds ago I was writing to you on how you grew in front of my very own eyes from newborn to 3 months old. Was it me being oblivious to Time, or was it you growing up too fast? Baby, you turned 4months old already today! I wish there is a 'Back' button somewhere that I could click on and hey presto! you are back to being newborn again! (coz I never get tired of admiring you)

The month full of smiles :)

Over the past few weeks, you spent your time with Makyeng (grandma) and I never saw a happier baby than you (yes, despite the constant brows-furrowing look you put on, I could still detect the bubbly joy underneath). All of a sudden since Makyeng's and Ngah Bob's arrival to send your Usu Farah to Japan, you don't have to wake up early and take bath as early as 7am. You have two very adoring fans who entertained you all the time (legs kicking in joy). Mommy's more relaxed and could spend more time singing and chattering to you (as you listen and occasionally interjected with a few coos of your own). Oh joy joy joy! (more legs-kicking!)

Playing with Makyeng

But the thing that delight you the most over the break from daycare is how you can always wake up late. Boy, now I realise what a sleepyhead you are, Khayla. You could fall asleep half an hour after your last 3-hour nap. You fell asleep everytime after feeding. You no longer wake up at night, instead making small noises whenever you are hungry (with eyes closed) to let me know that you want feeding and then feeding in auto-mode. Sometimes Grandma related that you would wake up as late as 11am after we left for work. 11 freakin' am! I hope you will grow out of this habit when you are at school-age, Sleeping Beauty!

Oh, have I mentioned how much you love your fists? It started with a slight interest at those tiny chubby things that occasionally appear in front of your vision. What's that? More importantly, what does it taste? And then, you figured out how to shove one of those fists into your mouth. Hey presto, breast substitute! After a while, you graduated from one fist to both fists, and sometimes you didn't know which one taste better, the left fist or the right fist? Then you settled for the right one (good girl). Sometimes I would find you lying down, legs bowed and all tangled up, brows furrowing (as usual) and sucking your fist(s) in earnest. Your favourite pastime. Ever.

With all those fists that taste oh-so-heaven to you (sometimes I would tumpang sekaki and pretended to suck one free fist as well), you started to drool baby drool. I never thought babies could contain so much saliva, but you proved me wrong. Often, the front of your shirt will get excessively wet from all those drools. Did you care? No. You carried on despite being half-wet. Naturally, I was concerned that you were probably teething (at such early age?). So I had this checked out during your monthly visit to your paed - who confirmed that you are not teething, it's just that this is another thing you just discovered and love. Drool, anyone?

You discovered that your hands (and maybe a rattle or two) can be stuffed into your mouth

This month you also learnt to stand on your own feet. You've also learned to take baby steps which is not only cute, but also heart-wrenching (boohoohoo! My baby is growing up too fast she now learns to walk at a tender age of 4 months!) From there onwards, sitting is no longer cool to you. You demand to be stand up, and if we didn't succumb to your demand, you would shriek and thump your feet on the rubber mat. And when we held your hands, you excitedly grabbed our fingers and lifted your neck to encourage us to lift you up. Yes, baby. You can lift your neck already, your pretty little head is no longer wobbling about dangerously coz your neck is strong enough to support it. Still, your chubby cheeks droop and they are just asking for trouble kisses! Lots and lotsa sloppy kisses from everyone! Muahs!

The moment you stand up, you would glance around in interest and wonder. You stand up for a few minutes until your knees became wobbly and you landed on your cushy bum-bum. The moment you did, you shrieked again to stand up! Whoa Khayla! You are not supposed to stand up now. Aren't you supposed to learn to lie down on your tummy, and then sit, and then crawl, and ONLY after that, stand up and walk? Or have somebody in-charge of baby curriculum changed the nature of order? Or did you find lying down on tummy with head lift up too boring for you?

Khayla insists on standing up even though people have to support her

A couple of days ago, you achieve the greatest milestone this month. You chuckled and laughed baby! The moment that I've been waiting for has FINALLY arrived! Makyeng was the first to discover your chuckles (as always, you practise your new social skill in front of others instead of Mommy). She was playing peek-a-boo and all of a sudden, you let out a giggle! Last night, we were at IKEA for dinner and you were restless. Daddy thought you were hungry and so we went to the nursing room to nurse you to sleep. Instead of nursing / sleeping, you sat in my lap and stared at the brightly coloured curtain, mesmerized. Then you grinned at the curtain (yiyee!! Khayla showed her first liking to IKEA! She's truly my girl!)

Daddy pulled the curtain back after you refused to nurse because you were too busy admiring the curtain. Then you got back to business but apparently you were not sleepy. As you started to fuss, Daddy took my nursing cover and started to fan you (because we thought you were bothered by the lack of cool air). You stopped fussing (and suckling), stared at Daddy in astonishment and then your face lit up and you giggled!

Squealing in laughter at Daddy's funny faces

With all those CUTENESS contains inside of you, I often have to resist the urge to slather you with chocolate spread and then gobble you up. Since I couldn't have you for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I have to settle with giving you lots and lots of kisses. To the point you yell and squeal in annoyance at being kissed while in the midst of tasting your fists. Hmm.

Everyday I thank God for sending you into my life. With you around, I am having the best of time and now that you can laugh, the whole motherhood experience is moving to greater heights. It's not success that makes me feel like on top of the world - it's you. I love you for that.



  1. Khayla dah besar...pejam celik pejam celik esok dia dah merangkak lak..

  2. Fiza: Betul tu... kekadang rasa nak balik ke umur dia lepas baru lahir sebab nak dia stay jadi baby yang comel tu :)


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