On one hot day, my kay-poh little girl wanted to have a taste of watermelon after watching Mommy & Daddy devoured the cool, watery and yummy red-coloured fruit:

And so, happily she joined in the watermelon fest, serius comel dan rasa nak gigit-gigit budak kecik ni!


  1. sper comel khayla makan tembikai. Aisy batuk kalau makan tembikai, sekarang ni langsung sendiri tak nak makan

  2. ngap!!!chik geget dak gebu nih

  3. Fiza: Dia dah pandai dah tu, klu makan tembikai = batuk. Khayla tak reti2 lagi, dia ngap je apa yg ada. Hehe.

  4. Chik: Bila nak ngap betul2 ni. Hehe. Khayla pun nak jumpa Aunty CHik gak ;)


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