Dear Khayla,

I must warn you, this letter is going to be a bit lengthy. Why? Because somehow, between the age of 4 months to 5 months, you reached terrific milestones that both annoy and amuse me at the same time. Yes, you giggle. And shriek. And then you swim and do other feats that make me want to gobble you up and then spit you out and repeat it again and again and again. Before I knew it, you'd be moving out of the house and graduating with first class honours. Now I'm being melodramatic.

Baby girl, you are now 5 months old. How cool is that? When I thought you could not get any cuter, you proved me totally wrong. You ooze of cuteness that simply melt my heart :)

Let's start on your milestones one by one.

Remember that time when you first burst into laughter in front of me when Daddy shook my nursing cover to fan you? I thought that was the most hilarious thing ever. I was wrong though. It is as if you had just taken Laughter 101 and then moving on to Laughter 201 when you started to have full-bodied giggle each time Daddy made funny faces at you. The strange thing is, you only laughed so hard when Daddy does whatever that makes you laugh. When I tried to copy Daddy, you just smile as if to humour me. Mommy, you are so lame but I'll just smile politely so you will continue to give me that delicious milk of yours. But it's okay, Khayla. Mommy also thinks Daddy is funny when he's not being annoying :p

Laughing away with Grandma

This month you hit the road quite often as you tag along on my business trips and going for holiday. The best thing about you is that you are a very good traveller. You settled down quickly in your car seat and then immediately fell asleep almost throughout the journey. Unlike most babies that don't like to have their routines disturbed, you simply don't mind being up and about, in fact I truly believe you love being on the go. I don't have to worry about you crying or demanding to be picked up while travelling because you prefer to be buckled up in your seat and just enjoying the hum of the car until you doze off.

In front of the Floating Mosque in Kuala Terengganu

It's also worthy to note that in addition to shoving your hands in your mouth, you discover that you can grab stuffs and those too, should be shoved into your mouth. It is a MUST for you to taste everything that you could lay your hands on. If you can't grab it, you'll bring your head forward to it. For example, the dining table. Or the couch. Or Mommy's hand. And oh yeah, your feet.

Have I mentioned that this month you discovered your feet that resemble your hands, only so much further to reach your mouth? Nonetheless, you never fail to try and are always so determined to catch them so you could taste them too. The first time you discovered your feet was when you got impatient with me while getting you dressed up after bath. You were so annoyed that you bended in two and hey, presto! Feet! Life gets a gazillion times better after that. Sometimes I help to hold your feet while you devour them, just for fun and because you enjoy sucking your toes. Even in your sleep you will occasionally reach for your feet to check whether they are still attached to you. Indeed, you are getting more fond of your feet these days.

A couple of weeks ago, when Grandma and Uncle Ehsan were around, I decided that it was about time to introduce you to the swimming pool. You were not so keen at first. But that did not stop Mommy from taking you slowly and all the time, talking through the whole process and without you realising it, you were in the pool already, floating away. Yes, Khayla. You learned to swim at such tender age :) From there onwards, we bought you your first swimsuit and swim diaper and weekends now are more interesting and enjoyable because we can bring you swimming on hot days.

Posing in your swimsuit

Something really big also happened this month. It started a couple of weeks ago actually. I noticed that you get all excited and salivating A LOT each time we sat down for our meals. Then you started to grab at food and tried to shove them in your mouth. Whenever Grandma and Mommy were drinking out of our mugs, you reached out and pulled the mug to your mouth. AND YOU WERE HUNGRY ALL THE TIME.

So we decided that it's time to give your first solid meal, which is baby cereal mixed with breast milk when you turned 5 months old. I know we are a month early, but hey, when you are hungry, you are hungry, ok?

Khayla loves cereal in the morning

You should see our faces when we feed you baby cereal for the first time. Daddy carried you in his arms while I held the cereal and bring the feeding spoon to your mouth. I think we were more excited than you about the whole thing. You were not so good at eating at first - I figured that more than half of your first meal ended up on your bib. But you were delighted over the whole experience anyway. We all do, despite the mess afterwards.

Where did the food go?

It doesn't end here. Yesterday, you rolled over by yourself! Yeay! The look on your face showed that you were stunned at finding yourself flipped over. Daddy was so excited that he immediately posted it in his Facebook status. I guess if I had not tried to make you get used to being on your own, you would have learn to do this at a later age.

Let's talk about that attitude of yours, little girl. Whenever you were surrounded by many people, mostly my relatives, you tend to get spoiled because you are everyone's first niece / granddaughter. You took that chance to demand to be lifted up ALL THE TIME. The thing is, when we are alone, you continue to expect us to carry you around. If we don't you would scrunch up your face and fake a cry. I know it's fake because the moment you were lifted up, you will smile in delight. Hey, it works!

You also use this trick when you are at the daycare because I get complaints from your nanny that you like to be carried instead of playing by yourself. Which is why I have started to try to teach you to be more independent by leaving you on your rubber mat while I do housework. You still cry though, sometimes you cry louder when I continue to ignore you. Eventually I notice that you will cry after quite some time as opposed to immediately each time you were put on the mat. I'm hoping that along the way, you will realise that Mommy will only pick you up when it's play time or when Mommy's done with house chores.

My little pumpkin and cutey-pie,

Sometimes it's hard to accept that you are growing up too fast. Before I knew it, you'd be a toddler, and then a child, and a rebellious teenager before you finally leave us to start your own life. In the mean time, I will cherish every seconds that I could spare with you. The best moment for me is when we cuddle up together, your fingers wrapped around mine and your head snuggled comfortably in the crook of my arm while you enjoy being breastfed. I want these moments to last for as long as possible - because there will come a time when you no longer wish to be hugged and cuddled.

Khayla, you are the best thing that happens to our lives, and we love you lots and lots. Happy five months, baby :)