First of all, Happy New Year 2012 everybody! May this year brings only the best and nothing but the best  for each of us :)

It's 1am, I know. I sound a bit too perky at this hour because I had a cuppa two of coffee. Yes, I'm supposed to study because exam is just around the corner. It's waiting to jump out on me, catching me by surprise. I'm freaking out because I have not been studying at all! Why I'm so lazy, only God knows!

Anyway, it doesn't mean that I'm having the time of my life lazing around. I'm pretty occupied with a lot of things - work, for example. Then Khayla is getting a handful nowadays. She just plainly refuses to be with anyone other than me at nights. My lovely wedded husband of 4 years are having fun relishing on that fact - in plain words, he is happy to leave Khayla stuck at my hips (or the boobs, most of the time now) while he... studies.

But the thing that is taking so much of my attention and energy (as well as my financial resource) is none other than our house renovation works. YES, people of the world, I'm doing house renovation on top of my studies and work and a baby, you can spit it out to me now. I'm CRAZY, I sooo know that!

Tonight I received an SMS from a dear friend and ex-housemate who has just embarked on the journey of motherhood - 'Are you taking some sort of supplement to keep you going because you seem to have so much energy juggling work,  study and a baby???' I stared incredulously at my iPhone screen. Is she accusing me of taking some energy-boosting drug to turn me into an Energizer bunny?

No, Kak Za. It's called being a Gemini. The one who gets bored easily and needs a lot of things to keep her mind occupied.

But that's not really true. It's just that I'm bad at being patient. I can't wait until my baby grows up before I embark on my study. I can't wait until my studies finish until I start on the house renovation. I want everything to be done NOW! This INSTANCE! AT ONCE! Yes, I'm impatient and greedy. So sue me.

Back to renovation works.

I've been here twice - once before we moved in, and the other, this current project. Both times, it's not an easy process. I can bet that the only people who enjoy renovation is the stores that sell all those renovation materials. Renovation needs constant monitoring. And firm decisions. And constant monitoring. And of course, a really deep pocket. For a person who is fickle-minded, I don't enjoy making decisions especially when I am the one doling out the cash to finance that decision. I am the type of person who don't think deeply and wisely,  with that helicopter view because I like to be fast. Fast decision makers are shallow-minded, and zoom in on what they feel is best at micro level. That's me people. So imagine how it feels that after a while, you think that maybe you don't need that much lighting (but it's already installed!), or that kind of kitchen cabinet (but it's already installed and paid for!).

What's worse is renovation work after moving in. You have to put up with a lot of inconveniences - example, the dusty floor (and all the surfaces in your house),  the ugly sight of hacked walls, the fact that you can't use your washing machine because the water supply connects with the bathroom that you are renovating so it has to be cut, etc. etc.

But the worst thing is when during renovation, your in-laws decided to come. Gasp, gasp! What to do, ladies and gentlemen? You can't have your in-laws coming in when your house is at its worst!

Thankfully, our contractor feels responsible for the inconveniences that we have to face. So Internet, behold. Tomorrow, we will be evicted from our own house to occupy a serviced apartment in the city for a couple of days while they finish the renovation works. At least, I'll be spared the embarrassment of having a house resembling 'tongkang pecah'.

Anyway, I hope that the renovation is going to end soon (next week please!), so we can go back to our peaceful (and even more beautiful) house after a hectic day at work. I hope so. I am praying for it so. Friends,  please pray for us, before I totally lost my marbles.



  1. that service apartment paid by the contractor??? woww

  2. Amy, yup. Sebab renovation dah delay sikit... Tp aku polah reno tok pun dgn kazen sendirik.


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