The 17mo toddler was restless - she had been cooped up in the house for most of the day and because the house is just a 900sqf box, she couldn't run as much as she wants.

So guess where we brought her for a run? Yup, none other than the lovely Lake Garden :)

Yeay! The field is bigger than my house!

Sometimes I wonder whether I was in the right frame of mind when I decided to go ahead with the MBA when I knew I was pregnant - if I could go back, I would tell my child-less self that I would suck as a mother. Good mothers bring their children for swimming, shopping, playing at the playground, not cooped up at home finishing homework and assignments, and dragging their toddler to group assignment meetings. I may excel with flying colors in studies, but I fail miserably at being a mom :(

This semester break? I made it up, and score countless brownie points in Khayla's book. We brought her to the Aquaria a couple of weeks ago, then last week we brought her to play at the indoor play area at Paradigm Mall and watch her first movie (Ice Age 4, and 10 minutes later she dozed off because the cinema was dark and cold). 

How little Khayla must have enjoyed her weekends because she always wakes up earlier than usual.

So back to Lake Garden story. We were fortunate to find a parking space to park our not so compact car anymore. The moment Khayla got off the car, she was already heading towards the playground and pointing at the swings! Oooh... how she loves the baby swing!

Giggling excitedly, she rocked back and forth as we pushed the swing higher and higher. Her eyes lit up with happiness - watching her adoring her swing moments made me feel, 'That ugly scar from the C-sec, sore nipples, and 10kg gain from the pregnancy? Oh yeah, totally worth it!'

We also took her to play the baby slides, and she was an expert at pushing herself down the slide, then scrambling up to climb the slide again. 

Tired of the playground, we wandered off to the park and the baby-Daddy team started to run down the jogging track while I pushed the stroller. This girl puzzled me. She ate maybe 2 spoonfuls of rice, which she ate one grain at a time but heck, the way she sprinted off like an Energizer bunny, where did that extra energy came from???

I think we must have walked for a half a kilometer, before both Daddy and baby plonked themselves on the curb for a short while - then she spotted the fountain. Shrieking excitedly, she was up and running towards the fountain! Another baby copied her action - wow, babies must have love fountains.

We reached an open field, and since the day was nice and not too hot, we decided to bring along a mat which we spread on the ground under a tree. Then I went off to buy some ice creams, snacks and a drink for both of us while Khayla was already sipping on her Dutch Lady chocolate drink.

It was a joy sitting there having our tea while watching other families playing soccer, badminton and frisbee. After a while, Khayla decided to explore the field and the two love of my life went to explore the bridge across the field. 

We spent about an hour at the field, and Khayla had fun wandering the field and even playing a balloon which a kind lady had given to her. At one time, she was picking up the balloon when she fell on it belly down and for one second, I was filled with horror that the balloon will explode. Instead, she rolled off the balloon onto the ground on her back - looking stunned, like, 'What just happened?!'

But eventually she did burst the balloon and then the picnic was over. 

I am looking forward to plan the next weekend. Btw, Khayla added more to her nonsense vocab this week - and she was endlessly babbling in her own language.

It goes like this - AMIAMIAMICHIWOWO!CHIWOWO!AMIAMIIIIII! So Internet, AMIAMIAMI! (I sure hope she doesn't mean she wants to go to Miami).