Help - the baby is coming and we haven't bought anything for the her!

I feel pretty sorry for the little one - if I don't do anything about it, she'll most probably end up with the Middle Child Syndrome (eh, already I'm planning to have more babies after her!). Even my parents bought new clothes for me instead of giving me hand-me-downs when I was a baby.

Then one fine day, I got a text message from Mothercare - they are having a sale and VIP members get additional 10% discount from 2-4 November only:

I must grab some bodysuits for my baby because I had given away Khayla's to my friends before I found out I was pregnant. They are not just cute, but also made of quality material so the clothes don't stretch even when machine-washed. I also want to get a new raincoat for Khayla coz it's rainy season now.

On Friday, I joined throngs of working ladies buying stuff for their children at Mothercare. The queue was so long that I gave up because I had a meeting at 2.30pm. So after my appointment at the hospital yesterday, I asked Suami Terchenta to make a stop at KLCC to continue where I left off the day before.

I grabbed the clothes and stuffed them in the net bag, and after that we calculated the overall cost and started eliminating the unnecessary ones. In the end, we only bought bodysuits for the baby, new pajamas for Khayla who is fast outgrowing her clothes, nipple shield and milk collector from Avent, and maternity pad to use after delivery. I didn't get the raincoat because it's still too expensive even after the discount. Maybe after this rainy season, the price will be slashed further (crossing my fingers).

After getting something for the kids and me, we decided to go to Best Denki. Why? Jeng, jeng, jeng!

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the latest addition to our gadgets:

Samsung Galaxy SIII
Ok peeps, this one is Suami Terchenta's latest love - Samsung Galaxy SIII. He lost his Android phone a few months back and had to use his durable Nokia phone. Only problem is, he's into developing apps for Android and thinks he must have an Android phone for that purpose.

This time I agree with him. It doesn't feel fair that I own a smartphone and he doesn't. He's been postponing to buy this phone because he has to settle his study fees this semester and other family commitments but out of the blue last week he mentioned it again - 'I wish I can buy that phone'.

I suggested that he used my credit card to buy it using instalment plan. He was not so keen at first because normally when you buy electronics using instalment plans, banks normally charge a nominal interest on top of the retail price.

I took the time during Friday long lunch break to visit some stores selling handphones and gadgets to check out the price and the payment method - even Samsung outlet did not offer 0% interest for instalment plans.

Then I went to the last shop in KLCC - Best Denki. From afar, I saw the banner '0% interest with selected credit cards'. Apa lagi, I fast-fast waddled to the shop and to my joy found that they have the model that my Suami Terchenta wants - hooray!

The sweet thing is, they offer 0% interest not just for 12-month instalment plan, but also for 6-month instalment plan. The price is standard - RM1999. So, for 6-month instalment plan, Suami Terchenta will have to pay RM300+ a month for the phone he much desired.

He wanted the blue model but they only have stock for the maroon and white versions - so he settled for the white version. On top of that, he got 8GB SD memory card for free.

Right now, he's still smitten with the phone (who wouldn't, with a brand new gadget?). I wished he had gone for iPhone as well, but apa nak buat, hatinya lebih kepada Samsung...


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