Best friend,

I just wanted to wish you.

Merry Christmas. Wherever you are.

You asked - 'Is he everything to you now?'

I could not bring myself to answer that, monk. What could I say?

That you are my best friend, but he. My soulmate, my partner. We shared a child together, we lost it. He held my hand as I went through the pain of loss. He carried me when I lost my strength. He gave me back my laughter when I thought I had lost it all. He shared everything he has with me.

You know monk, he is the one like we used to fantasize about our dream guy. The One.

Yet both of you cannot be compared, or weighed, or ranked because you don't belong in the same category. You are both special to me in your own rights. Just like everybody else is special to me in their own rights.

If one day you meet The One, I will not question you. Is he everything to you? Because monk. I very well know the answer.

That I too, have a special place somewhere in your heart. Your best friend who once shared your ups and downs.

Have a blessed celebration. I pray that you will meet The One soon.


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