Dearest cupcakes,

Three weeks ago both of you turned 30 months and 6 months old respectively. I was busy with my final exam so I didn't have the time to write this letter earlier. Then Khadeeja dearest, you fell sick and refused to recover from your cough and runny nose. Before I knew it, you both will turn a month older in a couple of days. Haish, time flies awfully fast when life is this enjoyable!

My little shooting star,

This month you grew more teeth - making it 6 teeth altogether so far. Just as I was wondering where did you get all those calcium from because I hardly drink milk, you upped your developmental progress by crawling. One day you were creeping and trying to balance yourself on your hands, the next thing I knew you simply got up on your hands and knees and moved forward with an expression of pure bliss!

I can crawl and bite my teether at the same time because that's me - a multi-tasker!

Khadeeja darling baby,

At this age you also mastered the art of balancing yourself on your feet, something that caused me to grow more grey hairs overnight. If there's anything you love more than crawling, it's standing on your feet while holding to the tv cabinet / sofa / table / anything high and sturdy enough to support your weight. 

One day I was cooking in the kitchen when I decided to check on you. I was horrified to find you standing against your walker with only one hand supporting you. You looked up at me with a grin as if saying, 'Look mak! One hand only!'

I can also do this!

A couple of days ago, you started to cruise along the sofa, trying to inch yourself closer to Mommy's laptop. I am simply flabbergasted at your mobility, baby. Why can't you be a contented baby and grow up according to your age? Why the rush, sweetheart?

Sometimes I blame myself for watching too much Twilight movie when I was pregnant with you. Now I gave birth to another Reneesme! The next thing I knew you'd be graduating at the age of 5 and moving out of the house to start a career in Antarctic by the age of 7! o_O

Eating-wise, you don't really like to eat no matter what recipe I tried. I think it's not due to the food (trying to console myself), but rather because eating requires you to stay put in one place until you finish everything in the bowl and staying put is not your best trait! I wish you would eat more, baby, because I can see you are losing your chunkiness! No matter, as long as you are healthy and happy, I will try not to worry too much here.

Moving on to my dearest Khayla,

Kakak, you are also making a lot of impressive progress this month. You can sing a lot more song this month, complete with dance routines which you learnt at school:

Doing your gwiyomi
 Among your favourite tunes are 'Look through the window', 'skip a loop', 'the wheels on the bus' and 'do you know the muffin man?'. Whenever I see you sing and dance to a new song, I thought to myself - thank God, I made the right decision to send you to a playschool!

However, you hate waking up early to go to school. Each morning, your father has to battle it out with you to persuade you to take your shower. I really marvel at your father's patience to endure your ear-splitting screams of protests - 'Sik mokkkkkkk!' followed by one helluva of a tantrum in the bathroom! Thankfully by afternoon, your emotional meltdowns are normally gone and you'd be skipping down to the school gate with a big smile on your face :)

You also have warmed up a lot to your teachers and friends recently. Your teachers told me that you no longer mind people accidentally touching you and you can play tag with your friends. You wave bye-bye to them before leaving, something that I didn't expect to see for another couple of years. Well done, sweetie!

Me and Mr M&M, my favourite candy!

My little sunshine,

In terms of your vocabulary, you learnt to use adjective to describe something. For example, when you saw a purple teddy bear, you would point out and say, 'Purple teddy!' When you saw two different sizes of similar thing, you have a comical description to them - 'Mommy spoon! Baby spoon!' Seriously, it just cracks me up!

Look.. butterfly.. baby butterfly, mommy butterfly..

In fact that becomes your favourite pastime to name things and describe them in terms of colour / size. I can't help feeling proud that you are finally able to show me what you learnt - kudos to your teacher Ashley for teaching you :)

My sweet angels,

Being part of your world are simply the most awesome experience I ever have. I am loving every single day of being with you both, watching you grow and thrive, hearing your laughter and cries, and receiving every single hugs and kisses at any time of the day - surely this is God's blesses!

Love you both to pieces,

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  1. Congratulations for your ability to find time writing these sweet letters to my beloved granddies..during my time when you and your siblings were babies n toddlers,I coudnt even sit down to scribble any progress note on each one of you. So am so sorry that I didnt leave any memory.Keep up writing brcsuse I love reading them and knowing that my precious grandchildren are making impressive progresses mske me a PROUD MAKYENG.♥♥♥


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