About half a year ago, at 12 midnight to be exact, I made a few resolutions I called the 'FUN YEAR LIST'. In that list, I promised myself that I would spend more time with friends outside work - because everything this year is not going to be about work.

Over the past few months somehow things were unexpectedly hectic so there was not much opportunity for me to kickstart this revolution. But when you have friends like Kak Retna and Sis Lin who are willing to make things happen, it doesn't take much longer to finally nail down the date, time and venue of another of our awesome event.

I count myself lucky because we have friends whom I considered as very good chums, the kind that comes charging into your life with drums and trumpets and firework - and just make your life feels a lot more awesome than usual. 

We used to have annual activities like going camping together, breaking fast or simply bonding over karaoke sessions. Since some of them stay in JB, we would go down to JB or they would come up to KL for these get-together sessions. However, lately things seems to have quietened down a bit so I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to have the first gathering this year over lunch.

Over Whatsapp messages, we discussed the date, time and menu for the day. Finally the lunch event took place yesterday.

Kak Retna in da house!

It was a potluck luncheon so everyone got to bring their own favourite dishes - we as the host prepared laksa Sarawak (our specialty), our friends Romzi & his wife Amai brought garlic bread & mushroom soup, Shai & wife Nazuha prepared spaghetti bolognese, Umie & hubby turned up with maggi goreng, Kak CT & CM, daughter Lily & their 3 boys chipped in marble bread pudding & fried meehoon, Topek brought bread and Sambalava, Sis Lin came bringing 'kuih deram' & 'buah mata kucing', Kiki provided sweet melons for starter, and last but not least Kak Ret sponsored bottles of apple juice and a delicious tiramisu cake for dessert. Kak Diella, Sodep & Bro Ross came with their empty tummy, LOL!

Amai & Romzi turned up first, but unfortunately Mr Hubs forgot to take a photo of them holding the potluck lunch event poster. We only managed to snap these photos of them, including Kiki who came with her ultra-shy nephew, Umar & niece, Aishah. Sorry folks!

Kiki looking after her shy niece & nephew
Romzi and wife came earliest but had to leave early

But later we took photos of the rest:

Kak CT and N - who turned up wearing purple because they thought the theme is purple! LOL!

Umie & hubby finally making appearance after a long time. Congratulations on the good news! *wink*

The most awaited guests from JB - Sis Lin, Abg Sabar, Naz, Yana & Amat are here!

Topek came last because he lost his way! LOL!

Some of the food our guests brought - spaghetti, fried meehoon & sweet melons

Spaghetti bolognese

Couldn't stop eating this marble bread pudding made by Kak Ct :)

Khayla loves the meehoon and had 3rd helpings! ^_^

Our house bursting with guests and loads of food. Am so blessed :)

Hubby, CM & Lily

My girls had different reactions to getting a lot of guests in the house today. Khayla was basking in the overwhelming attention given to her and all the time she was singing happily and playing with Iman and Kak Ct's youngest boy. She was in high spirits the whole day and ate a lot of the food brought by our friends :)

Khadeeja on the other hand has developed separation anxiety, and was agitated at seeing so many new faces surrounding her. So most of the time people only get to hold her for a few minutes before handing her over to us. Everyone agreed that she looks a lot DIFFERENT than Khayla, and that she has such beautiful hair and huge eyes :) 

Later in the evening after the two babies had gone to sleep we put on old videos of our previous events and the house was rocked with laughter as we reminisced the good ol' & funny days! 

Feel so blessed to know these people and praying that our friendship will remain fast and steady for many more years to come (with lots more feasts like this in between, LOL!). 

P/S: Thanks everyone, love you guys! :)


  1. Sodep dah majuk! Cepat pujuk! Neway....thx tuan rumah. Bkn nk dtg makan je sbnrnya tp excited nk gather2 ngn korang! :)

    1. Hikhik! camane boleh lupa Sodep??? Sorry la Sodep! :p

  2. Eh eh lupa mention sodep? Nyummm x dpt mkn mee hoon! Huwaaaaa lapar

    1. Dah betulkan hehehehehe… Ampunnnnn Sodep! :D Sedap tau meehoon Kak Ct ;)

    2. sentap ahkak tau!
      Kak CT!!! Nak meehoonn jugaaaakkk :p

  3. Feel so blessed to know these people and praying that our friendship will remain fast and steady for many more years to come (with lots more feasts like this in between, LOL!).

    **nasib baik aku faham nak baca hahahaha...
    Btw thankx karni n Jun...kita tggu event bukak pose plak nnti ye... :)

    1. hahahahaha google translate kan ado :p

    2. Sis Lin: Oh My English! kan ada… hehehe


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