Oops. I thought the makan-makan at Kak Retna's place was the last entry about Raya, but apparently it was not! Out of the blue, hubby decided to host this year's open house at the very last minute, itu pun after Syawal ended :P Err… makan je lah!

This time we decided to do it on smaller scale though, unlike the one we did last year. Orang kata, sekadar cukupkan syarat je. My hubby's boss has been nagging him about having one, so he also nagged me about cooking for the open house until I said, ok la. Do la.

Since we are having friends and neighbours over for the open house, I invited my dearest friend, Jen and her family as well. Jen has been enjoying some freedom (probably because she complaint a lot in our Whatsapp conversation about how she can't go out during weekend with her kids no thanks to her hubby blablabla, and guess what, she is using her hubby's handphone to Whatsapp some more hahahahha!) and she was more than happy to come so our kids could play with each other again.

For this open house event, my mom and I prepared a new, never-been-served before dish called 'mi belacan', which is a cross of yong tau fu and kangkong belacan. I was also super rajin and baked a few cookies and chocolate cupcakes, which I decorated with icing with the help of Khayla:

Khayla gigih menghias cupcake. Pagi2 celik mata dah tolong tabur manik atas cupcake!

My first time decorating cupcakes :)

Mi belacan. I just found out Malays don't eat centurion egg (we Sarawakians do!) (Photo credit: Kak Retna)

Even Omar Ariff, the TV presenter came over!

After some guests left, we changed the kids' clothes to their swimsuits and brought them to the pool. Khayla initially refused to swim on her own, but when she saw us clapping at Wei Jiun's first time effort swimming on his own, she dived right in and swam towards him! Same thing happened when WJ was eating a cupcake, Khayla came up and even asked for a cupcake. The power of peer pressure! Hahahaha!

Kids having a good time

Our two babies are also bonding well, even though Khadeeja was not her usual bouncing, active self because she just woke up from sleep:

Wei Ying looks so happy to see Khadeeja

Ok. Wei Ying just looks happy all the time! Hahaha!

Fab food. Great company. Feel like doing this every week, HAHAHAHA! *hubby pengsan*


  1. makin kurus la JUN klu hari2 nak wat makan2...
    eh eh kurus poket ke kurus perut eh? :p


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