Been a while since I last wrote about anything other than my darling, precious babies. LOL! I'm also nearing the end of my MBA studies, and fervently hoping that I could graduate by next semester! Initially the plan is to graduate by this semester, but turned out there's too much work for my thesis that I did not anticipate so I have no choice but to revise the plan and do my thesis in two semesters instead.

Since discovering the world of cloth diapering (or CD-ing, among the cloth diapers supporters), I've been hooked to CD that even my thesis is about modern CD. For a product that is time-consuming, high maintenance and not as straightforward as disposable diaper (termed DD by the same supporters), still many people choose to use CD and shun the disposable one.

Khayla wearing CD

It gets me wonder and reflect upon my own decision. For me, I chose CD because I like to think that I am concern of the environment (for the sake of my children), it is value-for-money (think of the long-term savings when we don't have to buy diapers every month), and to certain extent, the diva side of me is attracted to the various cute designs available on the market (although I only bought one such diaper and the rest are plain but brightly coloured design).

In other words, CD appeals to various dimensions of consumer value which gives people favourable impression (attitude) towards it and because of that, combined with the fact that people love sharing about everything on the Internet nowadays, they get the words around and try to get other people to love this product as well.

Maybe some moms love CD because they can make more friends who are also using CD, so that they can swap reviews about different brands - known as social value.

Maybe another mom who loves the fact that it is economical and to certain extent, performs as good as DD and wants to share this knowledge with other people - efficient and excellence value.

Or the fashion-conscious one likes the various patterns and colours available on the market and buy more and spread the news about where to find the cutest design - aesthetics value.

Or maybe only those who loves the environment are the ones likely to say good things about this product - altruistic value.

Or… maybe some just can't say why they like it, they just do. When they use cloth diapers, it gets them excited, happy, and gives them so much positive emotion that they just want to tell other people about it - play value.

I also notice that of all the various green products available on the market, CD is the only one that garners support groups. You don't see a Facebook page dedicated to say, energy-efficient fridge. Or woven bags. Or recycled products.

But cloth diapers? Google 'cloth diapers' and you will find plenty of support / fan groups all over the world. The discussions can range from which brand is of the best quality, which inserts could hold more urine, which type is the best for newborn, where to buy the cheapest CDs, how to wash CDs correctly, and so on and so forth. All the hype just over cloth diapers.

Then I looked up studies on modern cloth diapers but there are only a handful found (in fact I only found one study in the UK), and none in my own country. Some of my lecturers have never even heard of modern cloth diapers.

So I want to do justice to this wonderful invention. This product that have the potential to save our Mother Earth, and gives us so much joy at the same time. No doubt, it will be a challenging task getting people to participate in the study (filling up forms can remind us of the good ol' exam days, no?), but I'm going to try nonetheless. If I can increase awareness on this product at the academic level, it would be a wonderful step towards making this product recognised at higher learning institution level.

Please click this link to go to my online survey.

If you fulfil the criteria, maybe you can also help me out. I'll be extremely grateful.

Please help my mom graduate! ~ Khadeeja

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  1. Hi. Will you be kind enough to send us a copy of your thesis draft? We are currently making a cloth diaper business plan and we don't have any guide. :( i hope you can help pls email me


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