Khayla & Khadeeja went to a daycare today because I had some work to do. It's a new daycare and I like the cheerful & bright look, as well as its hygiene. Plus, they have plenty of toys which the girls immediately reached for when I dropped them off.

When we fetched them in the evening, both girls were excited to see us especially Khadeeja who was fretful and kept crying when she was left alone (I got a lot of updates on her from the daycare but they seemed to be able to handle her anxiety). So I'm impressed that they didn't panicked and called me up to take her just because Khadeeja couldn't stop crying, unlike a daycare in Setapak where we sent them when we both had classes one Saturday. In the end I had to bring her to class as well.

Oh did I mention that they are okay with handling cloth diaper? :) I had no complain from the staff except a few questions on how to handle the diaper when Khadeeja poo in it (which I replied just roll the diaper up, poo & all, and toss it in the diaper bag).

Oh yeah. Where was I? Back to the title. Khayla was initially upset having to wake up and shower earlier than normal but other than that, she adjusted very well. The staff told me that she played, ate her meal and took her nap like any good girl. 

Tonight when we were settling down for bedtime, she spoke up:

Khayla: Khayla sudah go to school today.
Me:  did you like school?
Khayla: uhuh *nodded head*
Me: How many friends you met today?
Khayla: *began counting* ten friends, mak!
Me: wow, that's a lot of friends!
Khayla: orange. Khayla drink orange also. Many orange.
Me: I see. Did you eat rice?
Khayla: Yes. And play toys. Many many toys.
Me: that's good. Do you like the teachers?
Khayla: uhuh *nodded head*

This is actually the first time she ever narrated her day to me. She just turned 3 last month and could already recalled her day. My firstborn is fast becoming a big girl already!

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  1. Bila hang start kerja semula? Study hang tinggal thesis je kan...

    Khayla hang tak hantar tempat last year ke? Sekarang hantar kat mana? Khadeeja tu dah la tak pernah dok daycare, mesti dia manja giler ngan hang


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