Dear Daughters,

Three days ago, both of you turned 4 years and 2 years old respectively. Apart from the same birth date, you two are nothing alike at all. It is like living day and night simultaneously. I am constantly amazed that I carried both of you in me and yet, produced two different characters.

One angelic traveler sitting watching outside the window, and one fidgety traveller

My precious angels,

A year ago, I missed the opportunity to pen a letter to you both because at that time I was busy with my dissertation writing. It was a regretful thing because looking back, I couldn't remember the important milestones that you both conquered at that age. This time, I'm determined to finish this letter even though the warm bed is beckoning me. Many years later, I hope you would appreciate this...

[pause: Khadeeja has just woken up and crying looking for Mommy. Sigh].


Khadeeja my little warrior,

At this age, you have started to pick up a lot of words. Mostly from your sister because she is your walking, talking and breathing encyclopaedia. Your favourite expression is, 'What are you doing?' You like to imitate sounds, even the GPS giving directions, which cracks me up. You are also highly independent, always asking to clothe or feed yourself.

You love reading books even at this age. Usually, you choose your own book and ask me to read it to you over and over again. However there is one hobby that you like which I guiltily succumb to - watching Youtube. Whenever I need some peace or just want you to stop being fidgety, I will whip out my iPhone and let you watch videos of Play Doh toys. Somehow, both of you are fascinated by these videos.

You always amaze me every day. For example, one day were were at the parking lot when you pointed at a signage pole with black and white stripes. You said, 'Tiger!' I was puzzled, as I searched for any picture or figurine of the animal, but there was none. Suddenly it clicked (sorry, poor Mommy is slow!) and apparently the stripes reminded you of tiger stripes. You also pointed at a plant which grows horizontally in Makyeng's backyard and proclaimed it as 'crocodile', because the bark is rough and thick, maybe like crocodile skin.

My sweetheart,

The thing that amazed me the most is your ability to recite a du'a recently. You recited it heartily although the pronunciations were wrong at certain places. Other times, you demonstrated your understanding of a concept when you are able to come up with your own song using a familiar tune, like 'Mommy finger, Mommy finger' and you switched it to 'Mommy sleeping, mommy sleeping' because I was doing exactly that. Sleeping. I think you will have no problem academically, Insya Allah.

You figured this place as a good place to hang out and chill

Baby girl,

People say that little girls are made of sugar and spice. It may be true because for a tiny person, you are spicy and all spiced up for life. Your sister is intimidated by your fierce nature and your quick hand, always ever ready to hit out at your sister who is almost twice your size.

Posing with Hello Kitty won't disguise the fact that she is one tough cookie
If that is not enough, you like to scream at other kids who annoy you. One day we were having lunch at McDonald's when a young boy refused to let you in at the play area. You stormed back to me, stood behind me and started a shouting match. Incorrigible words were exchanged at high pitched tone, as Mommy and Makyeng looked on in pure astonishment. When did you develop this gungho manner?

'Mommy said I'm gung-ho!'

Looking back, I always knew that you have strong determination and a temper to match. From the moment you bawled your lungs out when the doctor pulled you out of my tummy, to the night you steadfastly refused pacifiers and cried until I gave in and offered you the real deal. In a way, you are like me. We don't like to give up, and would persevere even though it makes us miserable. Just like those times you were determined to lug heavy toys upstairs, all the time screaming and crying in anger because it was too heavy or too large for you to carry it by yourself.

Despite this very fierce demeanor, you have a big heart and do not hesitate to share your stuff with your sister. After hitting kakak, you would show remorse and would pat her on her back and pacify her saying, 'Dah, dah...'

Moving on to my firstborn, Khayla. If your sister is a spice, you are the sugar. The sweet-natured, yet the babyish one. Didn't I tell you that you two are like night and day?

Khayla my ray of sunshine,

There was a time when I worried because you hardly uttered a word when you were at Khadeeja's age. Two years later, your vocabulary is now stunning. Despite going to Malay medium daycare now, you continue to speak in English and adding new phrases which you learnt from your favourite cartoon or tv shows like Hi-5 and your ultimate favourite movie, Frozen. Just now, Khadeeja fell down as we were walking (or running) around the hotel lobby and you put on your most concerned expression and asked, 'Will Khadeeja be alright mom?'

Sweet as sugar!

Last month for example, you correctly used the phrase, 'check it out!' as in asking me to check out your poo-poo. It was hilarious though, and because you always come out with hilarious expression, I normally post them in my FB status. Just so I won't forget that you are extremely funny at this age!

You are an ardent fan of Frozen especially Queen Elsa. Sometimes you refer yourself as Elsa, like, 'Elsa want to watch tv!' and refer your sister as 'Anna' as in Princess Anna. Because you love the movie so much, your father was compelled to buy you Queen Elsa costume, which you wore almost all the time, day and night. From singing by heart all the songs in the movie, you turn to acting and I am most stunned to witness your very dramatic expressions as you act out your favourite parts in the movie.

In Queen Elsa costume

My little diva,

I totally understand why you don't get along with your sister... Being a gentle soul, you easily get upset when Khadeeja is being boisterous, rough and simply fierce. But must you over-react most of the time? Like the time when you two were playing in the bath tub and suddenly I heard you crying and sobbing, 'Khadeeja shouting with Khayla!' Yet, I didn't hear Khadeeja making any sound. Apparently, any little sound Khadeeja makes is too hard for you to handle!

Whenever you spot Pizza Hut, you immediately tell me you are hungry but all you eat is just the cheese in the stuffed crust!

One thing I wish that you would overcome is your habit of meowing instead of constructing proper sentences. You meow-ed when meeting new people, or when you feel particularly babyish. The worst part is when you meow and crawled as if you are a cat instead of a little girl. In public. Khayla, when are you going to outgrow this behaviour?

My little datin wannabe

Yet for all your diva attitude, I get all mushy every time you tell me how much you love me ('Mamak, Khayla love mamak!') and when you tell me that I am your best friend forever. Because I know one day, this love proclamation will be only during rare occasions and most likely done over texts or FB status. One day, you won't even tell me that you are my best friend when you have friends your age who understand your teenage angst more than I will.

Lastly my two pumpkin pies,

I hope that you both will learn to love each other. Be each other's best friend. Enjoy each other's companionship. Be close sisters. You do display your affections to each other but only on very rare, once in a blue moon occasion. When it does happen though, I couldn't resist taking a photo.

Playing together

May you always be my sweet little angels until forever.

Mak / Mommy (whichever you both are using now)


  1. Happy birthday untuk Khayla & Khadeeja. Semoga jadi anak-anak yang solehah

    Untuk hang & A.Jun, happy anniversary. Dh 8 tahun kan? Sweet nye la korang ni..dari zaman tackle2, sampai dah anak dua pun. Semoga cinta korang hingga ke syurga.

    Aku terasa rindu kat hang

  2. TQ Aunty Fiza! Hehe.

    Pejam celik2x.. tak sangka dah 8 tahun. Khayla pun dah masuk 5 tahun klu ikut kalendar Islam... Dulu kan, aku igt kita tiga Bib ni mmg lambat kawen la, pakwe pun tak de masa kat UTM kan? Hehe.

    Fiza, next time aku turun KL, aku hello2 hang ye. Kita lepak mana2.


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