Have you ever wondered where did all the Time in the world go? I have. I ponder at the fact that Time is unique - in the sense that it can never happened twice. Oh sure. 3pm will arrive daily, but it's only a concept to measure Time so we won't lose track of life. The truth is it's always a different Time that arrives each day and it rushes and never return.

Time. It is something so precious yet always taken for granted. The first thing that I checked when I woke up is time. What time is it? It's time to go to work. It's time to take my bath. It's time to wake up. But it is only recently that it occured to me that I look at Time so incorrectly. The question that i should ask is - how much Time do I have today?

Like all vain humans in this world, I think of Time as an Asset - something that I own and control. Yet it is not. Time is my Liability. I borrowed Time to live this life. From who? I borrowed Time from the Time Creator.

That is why live life frivolously. I hardly stop to think - what will I justify for using that Time? I work mindlessly, spending my time outside working hours still working. I think the Time as MY Time - I can choose to continue work if I want to. But if I had taken a step back and reflect - this hour, who does it belong to? The answer would be - my loved ones. Then I would think twice before robbing Time for something as trivial as work.

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