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Our JB trip is not complete without a visit to Legoland Johor. I have to say, I prefer going to Legoland post-pandemic because of less queue and less crowd. In fact, my kids were able to ride on rollercoasters to their hearts' content!

The last time we went to Legoland was back in August 2018. We bought a day pass to the theme park and the girls had their first taste of riding a rollercoaster. They loved it! Sadly, back then Khadeeja did not meet the height requirement for most rides so she was unable to enjoy the theme park very much. The girls had been talking about going back to experience the rollercoasters again and when we got the chance to return 3 years later, they were over the moon!

This time around, we decided to stay at Legoland Hotel. Upon checking the website, I noticed this campaign: 

Legoland Malaysia
Credit image: Legoland Malaysia

Under this campaign, Legoland is offering several packages for staycation at Legoland / Legoland's Premium Partner Hotel at an attractive price. I decided to check out the 'Awesome Xperience for 4'.

Legoland Malaysia
Credit image: Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Malaysia
Credit image: Legoland Malaysia

Seeing that the package includes breakfast and theme park tickets, I decided to get this package for our Legoland visit. It's seriously way cheaper than if we had booked separately.

The only drawback of buying a package is we can't book our hotel using the online booking system! Instead, we had to email the hotel with a reference to our voucher code to book the hotel. I don't know why we can't just key in the voucher code in the booking system.

After I emailed the details of our hotel booking, I did not get any confirmation so I had to phone the hotel to check if they got my email. For a big establishment like Legoland, I did not expect my call to be left ringing for half an hour without anyone picking up. I had to attempt to call several times because it kept being answered by a machine and then left ringing for a long time. Luckily I did not give up because eventually my call was answered. I told them about my email booking and asked them to check, and true enough my email ended up in the spam mailbox 😐 After locating my email, then the staff quickly keyed in my booking in the system and sent a confirmation email. Phew! Disaster averted.

Finally it was the day to check in to the hotel. After stopping at Pondok Santapan Larkin to have breakfast, we drove to Legoland Hotel because our plan was to drop our luggage and checking in after we are done at the theme park. We arrived at the hotel at 11am and upon seeing the basement parking was full, hubby dropped us off at the lobby and went to find parking. I then decided to check if we could register early because it was barely noon, and check-in time stated is at 3pm. 

It was our first time in Legoland Hotel and the girls were awestruck when entering the lobby. From the hundreds of Legoland figures behind the reception area to the lego castle and the lego ship, everything was exciting to look at. I was pleasantly surprised to be informed that our room was ready and we could check in immediately if we wanted to.

Legoland Malaysia
Legoland Hotel lobby

Legoland Malaysia
Lego castle

Legoland Malaysia
We got our room keys!

There are three themes to pick from - Pirate, Kingdom or Adventure. These themed rooms are located at different levels. The girls decided to pick Adventure themed room and our room was at Level 2. Even going into the elevator was another new experience because when the doors closed, immediately the discotheque lighting played up and the theme song 'Everything is Awesome' blasted out. My girls were thrilled beyond words.

Legoland Malaysia
The doors at the Adventure Room level

Will continue my review of the Legoland Hotel Adventure room in my next post, stay tuned...


  1. best kaannn hotel dia!!!! Kitorang aritu siap amek bilik yg besar sket hahaha...
    Siap ada coffee machine... kita pun suka gi time2 camni, x ramai... bdk2 pun bole main games ulang2 :D next time nak lepak waterpark je... tp ntah bila next time nya tu :D

    1. Kaannn... cuma process nak reserve hotel je kureng sket maybe sbb beli package kottt. Budak2 la excited masuk2 bilik siap ada treasure hunt nak bukak peti yg ada toys lego dlm tu. Pastu seronok tido katil double decker.


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