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This post is a continuation from Part 1 here.

So my girls were the most excited to see the hotel room because they had been dreaming to stay at the hotel for quite some time, especially after I showed them photos of the hotel rooms from the website. They were torn between the Pirate and the Adventure theme, but eventually settled for the Adventure room.

Their faces lit up the moment they entered the room:

Kids' room is fitted with bunk beds for 3 pax and their own TV
Legoland Hotel is definitely designed with kids in mind, from the fun carpet design based on the room's theme, to the lego decorations throughout the rooms. The hotel even provides an entertaining puzzles for the kids to solve in order to get their 'treasure' - Lego kits in the treasure box.

Legoland Malaysia
The clues to the treasure box passcode

Legoland Malaysia
A 'treasure' box containing Lego kits which requires the kids to 'crack' the passcode from the puzzles given

While the girls enjoyed their 'room' and the lego kits, we parents got to enjoy the king-sized bed all to ourselves. The bed and the pillows were oh so comfy... We loved the bed so much we stripped half of the bedsheet to find out the brand! 😂 

Legoland Malaysia
Parents' bedroom

Legoland Malaysia

We also discovered Legoland Hotel serves fruity teas on top of the regular ones - strawberry, pineapple and mango tea are not something you can find in other hotels. Don't take caffeine? There's Vico chocolate drink too.

While other hotels have resorted to provide drinking water in a carafe or jugs as part of sustainability effort,  Legoland Hotel still serves bottled water.

Legoland Malaysia
Beverages selection

Altough we love our room, there are some things that I felt disappointed with. We couldn't store our laptop and iPads in the safe box because the battery is low and the safe won't lock. Also, there's no shampoo provided, but we got the hair conditioner instead (maybe the housekeeping overlooked this?). The bathroom also does not have bath mat, so we had to be extra careful when we step out of the shower to avoid slipping.

Legoland Malaysia
The hotel also provides a safe box that can fit laptops and tablets, but ours ran out of battery 😑

Legoland Malaysia
The toiletries in our room

Legoland Malaysia
Bathroom is equipped with handheld shower and soap. There was no bath mat provided

Legoland has this attractive and fun-looking play area in the hotel but due to COVID SOP, all the lego pieces were kept away so it was only good for photo ops. What a shame.

Legoland Malaysia
Play area

Our room package came with complimentary breakfast for four pax at Brick Family Restaurant. Breakfast was served as buffet, with selections ranging from pasta, nasi lemak, fried beehoon, porridge, salad, bread and jam and some fruits. Food tasted average so if we ever decided to stay in Legoland Hotel again, I might decide to check out early and go for breakfast elsewhere.

Legoland Malaysia
Bricks Family Restaurant

Overall, it was just OK to me with the comfortable bed as the highlight of the hotel stay.

Verdict: 6/10

I'll continue with Legoland theme park story in my next posting 😊

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