This time around I'm going to write about the activities my kids joined when we went to Legoland theme park.

Legoland Malaysia
Posing at the Kingdoms castle

Legoland Malaysia is quite huge so doing everything in one day is next to impossible. The theme park is divided into several Lego themes namely Lego TECHNIC®, Lego Kingdoms, Imagination, Land of Adventure, Lego City and Miniland. 

Legoland Malaysia
Photo credit: Legoland Malaysia

With only one day to spend in the park, the girls picked one or two activities in each theme park so they get to fully enjoy their trip.

At the Lego TECHNIC land, we had our first ride on TECHNIC Twister, which is basically the spinning teacup ride. It reminded me of the time I went on similar ride with my friends way back when I was young and single, and ended up puking by the roadside! Hahaha! I still hate this ride though, and was glad the ride did not last too long.

After that, we signed up at the next available slot at Lego Mindstorms and left to explore the next ride - the Great Lego Race. On the downside, due to COVID19 restrictions, there was no VR (virtual reality) goggles to be worn, so it was just a normal roller coaster ride. However, on the other hand the girls did not mind as long as they get to go on a rollercoaster, especially Khadeeja who finally met the height requirement of minimum 105cm although Hubby had to accompany her 😅 Also, the girls got to ride the rollercoaster for as many rounds as they wanted because there was no queue at all! It's probably because we went to Legoland in the middle of the week in Johor and the limit of guests allowed in the park as per SOP, either way the girls were very happy to repeat the rides three times!

Our next stop was at Lego Kingdoms, and the girls unsurprisingly picked more rollercoaster rides haha. I agreed to accompany the girls on The Dragon's Apprentice ride ONCE, and then I decided that was enough ride for me 😂 I'm too old for the adrenaline rush...

The girls wanted more rollercoaster, so poor Hubby had to accompany them for another 3 rounds of rides on The Dragon, which is way higher and more thrilling than the earlier rides! 

Legoland Malaysia
Mommy is just happy watching them riding The Dragon from afar

By the time the girls finished with the rollercoaster ride, it was already noon so we decided to break and have lunch at The Cafe.

Legoland Malaysia
Our lunch

Legoland Malaysia
Lego fries, anyone?

Legoland Malaysia
Surau is just across The Cafe

On the way to The Cafe, we passed by Miniland but since we've already been here back in 2019, we decided to skip this park.

Legoland Malaysia
Explore Asia's famous landmark at Miniland

After the break, we moved on the next park - Lego City. The girls tried out Driving School but this is obviously more suitable for younger kids (although the younger kids couldn't understand the road rules and kept driving in the opposite directions! 😂)

Legoland Malaysia
Khadeeja driving aimlessly at the Driving School

The girls decided to skip Imagination theme park because we had covered most of the activities in our previous trip.

Legoland Malaysia
There's another surau at the Imagination theme park

Legoland Malaysia
Khayla posing at the Imagination park

We realized it was time for our slot at the Lego Mindstorms, so we hurried there. It was such a relief to get out of the sun and into an air-conditioned room.

Here, the girls learnt to program their robot to do a series of tasks. The girls enjoyed themselves immensely doing what they and their dad know best - coding.

Legoland Malaysia
The staff explaining the robots' tasks at hand

Legoland Malaysia
Hubby taught Khadeeja how to sequence her program

At the end of the session, the girls managed to get their robot to move, turn, swing its arm and circle endlessly. They were then awarded a certificate for completing their program with flying colours!

Legoland Malaysia
Yeay, we did it!

After this activity, the girls decided to repeat the rollercoaster rides and lastly played at the Forestmen's Hideout, the only public playground allowed to open in Malaysia 😂 Even KLCC playground remains closed till today.

Before we went back, we decided to redeem the Lego Shop voucher but we were told that the voucher can only be used for selected items purchase only i.e. the more expensive sets of course 😓 So we decided to forego the voucher, what a shame!

That basically summed up our day at the Legoland Malaysia. It was loads of fun for the girls since they love rollercoaster rides so much. 

Legoland Malaysia
One last photo with the Princess!

Legoland Malaysia
Off we went back to the Legoland Hotel which was a few steps away from the theme park

So which ride do you like the most in Legoland Malaysia? 😉

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