This is the last straw. Or maybe something good will eventually come out of this. Nevertheless, I have every reasons to hate my company a.k.a my head of division. For transferring me to sit with my ENEMY.

Ever since I joined this organization, we had a bad start to begin with. It started when I had to borrow one of the chairs in front of her desk because there wasn't enough chairs in the meeting room. She wasn't around, and everybody was waiting for me, so I just grabbed the chair, thinking that I could ask for her permission later.

I bumped into her as I was wheeling the chair into the meeting room next door. As I opened my mouth to explain to her, she coldly told me, 'Next time, ask for permission first!'

That's when I decided that I would never, ever befriend her. As time passed by, I discovered that nobody really liked her because of her haughty ways. That was when Anne booted the name 'Spike' for her.

Spike and Gollum are examples of office pain-in-the-necks. My only comfort was I wasn't in the same room as her, unlike Jane who had to listen to her rambles about cute guys, ex-boyfriends, current boyfriends, and future boyfriend-wannabe. However, that changed today. An email from the head of division, and a series of foot-stamping, ranting and fury ensued - by me.

'Why do I have to move places? What bad luck is this? I want to resign! It's not enough with having to listen to her sarcastic remarks, now I have to sit in the same room with her! What is all the bad luck I've to go thru ever since I joined this stupid place?? First, that mega-project that had nothing to do with my department suddenly and magically dropped on my lap. Then that stupid Incident happened! Now, this??'

As I threw a tantrum, papers flew, files were thrown into a box, wires vehemently unplugged as I had to transfer my CPU as well. Call me a drama queen, a.k.a. over-reacting, but really, this is too much! What little sentiment I have of this company has been reduced to nada at this decision.

In the middle of packing up, Jane sent an email to our circle of friends.

'SORRY GUYS!!! I've let out to Lawrence of Brinjal's nickname! Now he already guessed that we have nicknames for that group!'

That group refers to Spike, Brinjal & Co. I cursed under my breath. How careless of Jane.

I replied: 'Oy Jane, now that I'm sitting in the same room as Spike, you have to do this? I will have to endure her questions if she heard about this from Lawrence.'

Aiman passed by with his report in his hand.

'Done with moving out from that comfort zone?' He chuckled and left. I felt like hurling the box with all the documents in it at him.

Basically, I'm in a VERY, VERY BAD MOOD. All these that had happened are demotivating me.

To end this rambling: I HATE THIS BLOODY PLACE.