I haven't been exercising for weeks now. My body is in crying need to get back in shape, as my stamina plunged below healthy line, and my body is feeling lethargic all the time.

I woke up feeling tired, and achy. I have a headache from the night before and it refused to go away. Gawd, I hate Monday...

Morning was rather laidback, thankfully. Apart from a meeting with a supplier, there was nothing much to do. I resumed doing some house-cleaning (i.e. tidying up the cupboard and updating the photo archive). By afternoon, I was already feeling hungry. Glancing outside my room, I saw Jane waiting for Anne to finish her job. I picked up the phone and dialed Anne's extension.

'Oy, lunch time! Hungry la!'
Anne turned to my way, grinning.
'You guys go ahead. I'm going to Singapore shortly.'
'Waah! Outstation?'
'Nope. Family matters.'

So it was only Jane, Dina, Ros and Aiman at the lunch table today. And as usual, we started our match-making efforts until Ros and Aiman threatened to douse us with cold drinks.

In the afternoon, I resumed my work and concentrated real hard on the task. The phone rang. I picked it up.

Another thing within my job scope which I hate doing is taking down messages. If it's - 'Hi, is your boss there? Can you ask him to call me back?' then it's fine. But if it happens to be a lengthy message that takes pages to jot down, then I really hate it. Especially when I have no idea what the other person is saying and I cross my finger and hope that whatever I jot down will make sense later.

For this conversation, not only the person is speaking at the speed of a rushing train, she is talking about something that I have no idea what it is she might as well speak in Tamil. Or Spanish. Or whatever other language.

As she dictated, I punctuated her sentence (when I feel she's going too fast) with, 'uhuh...' and 'can you repeat that again?' or 'come again?' I try not to do that too often else she'll think I'm dumb or something.

After 2 pages of message for my boss, she hang up. I sighed with relief. The next time that happens again, I'll ask them to e-mail my boss instead. Then the message won't get lost somewhere when there are unfamiliar jargons used.

Basically, that's what happens when a human resource graduate is thrown in some other field. You'll get a blank, blurred and lost-in-space employee.

La di da for now.