Ramadhan is here again. The first sahur this year consisted only of a cup of hot tea. That is appropriate, as I huddled under the blanket, shivering in the aircond.

Two evenings ago, as I was talking agitatedly to someone from the procurement, my boss called me.

'Make arrangements to be in KL office tomorrow morning. Be prepared to stay there until Sunday. Datuk requested for your attendance.'

I immediately frowned in worry. It could meant either: A. I've done something wrong again. B. I will have more work to do. Nevertheless, this is an order. I finished my conversation with the person, told the secretary to book flight to KL early the next day's morning, and accommodation until Sunday. When I checked my arrangement, I almost doubled back - I get to stay in a 4-star hotel. Cool! :)

B proved to be the answer. I happened to walk straight into a meeting which was discussing a project I knew not of until I arrived at the KL office.

But hey, this is nice. I am given a laptop to do my work throughout my stay here, and my hotel room is superb. For the first time in many, many months, I had the opportunity to soak up in hot water - relaxing my tense muscles. Talk about luxury. If only the spa is free...

However, the most delightful things of all, is the opportunity to meet my beloved. For the first time in my whole life, I am going to break my fasting with him. Looking forward to that =)

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