My work space is invaded by various invaders today.

First thing in the morning, while I was working on a confusing document (one confused confusion confusing over confusing confused. Hah!) suddenly all the managers in my division walked into my room.

'Where is he?' The Business Expansion manager asked the Sales Manager, referring to the Big Boss.
'I think he went out.' My manager quipped in.
'Obviously. So, is there a meeting now?' Business Expansion manager asked again.
'We're in here!' my manager called the Marketing manager as he hurried towards the Big Boss' room.
Marketing manager turned in surprise and joined the group.
'No meeting?' he asked, hopefully.
'Meeting's over, dude!' B.E. manager grinned.
'No kidding?'
'Of course I'm kidding. Let's just have the meeting. Later we tell him that we've had the meeting.' B.E. proposed.
'He didn't award any of us veto power,' my manager pointed out.
'So what? We act on majority around here.' B.E. cracked again. They laughed.
'I've enough of this. I have things to do!' B.E. finally said, storming out of the room.
'Aiyo! Sounds familiar...' one of them remarked. Everybody chuckled.

B.E. came in again, grinning all over his face.
'You guys! Can't let me have my day...' he shook his head.

The big boss passed by and beckoned everyone into his room. The managers looked at each other, grinned and left.

Two hours later, the IT executive came in, heaving a large box which turned out to be the fax machine. As he fiddled with the fax machine, another executive walked in.

'Are you giving me a new PC? I want a supercomputer, please.' he asked the IT exec. politely.
The IT exec smirked.
'Excuse me? I'm not giving you a new PC. I'm taking away your PC and giving you in place a typewriter.'
'No.... by the way, are you going to our other office? Because if you are, then can I come along?'
The IT exec turned to me.
'Have you been there?'
'Nope. But I heard it's enough to change an individual's perspective.'
'How so?' Exec 2 looked at me curiously.
'It's huge. It's nice. It's totally not ours.'
The IT exec nodded. 'True enough. But don't worry, we have a better ICT department than theirs.'
'Excuse me? Can you be any more obvious?'
'I can. I'm better than they're.'
I could only laughed at that.

At least there's something to laugh on today :p

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