There's a fish in the so-thought empty tank. It has gone so thin it's almost transparent. I only noticed the fish when I walked past the tank and it made me stop there for a whole 5 minutes, transfixed. There's a starved fish in the so-thought empty tank.
Anne tried to feed it fish food. However, the fish food is bigger than the fish itself. And it shrank to the bottom of the tank, visibly frightened. I can't help but remember Nemo. This fish is so like Nemo.

By the end of the day, Anne, Jane, Aiman and I were crowding at the fish tank, looking at the horribly terrified Nemo (I decided to call it Nemo). I have to do something. The fish is clearly not eating anything that we feed it, so I want to give it the dried worms we have at home for our fish. I decided to put the fish in a flask. In that way, I can bring it back home and try to feed it. The fish is thoroughly traumatized and the sight is a distress to me. I never liked cruelty of any sorts. I am beginning to hate whoever brought the fish in and then subsequently forgot to feed it.

In case any of you wondered how today had gone by, I have this conclusion. It's been wacky. I've been scolded since morning, and by afternoon, I got so tired of it that I don't care anymore. Thus, I began to divert my attention to a little, frightened and traumatized fish which is currently swimming at the bottom of my flask.

The Sales Manager, on his way out, probably thought that I've gone bonkers coz I talked to my flask. To my surprise, I noticed that I am not feeling pressurized anymore. Nemo seems to need looking after, and I am not feeling victimized anymore, but feeling more like a protector.

I'm not asking much. I just want to be understood. If I can't get this, then I will seek to understand. Someone else. Like Nemo, for instance. No point in getting hurt, isn't it?