I woke up. I took my bath. I put on my work dress (purple-maroon blouse, striped greyish pants), boiled some sausages and put on my head scarf. Stepped out of the house into the elevator, walked to the bus stop and hopped on the bus.

The psycho old man was there this morning. An old, old worm. I ignored the worm, waited for the connecting bus to my workplace. Old worm still wriggling for my attention and I continued to ignore it. Stupid worm. Like I'm going to be intimidated by his psycho-stalker mode anymore. Bus came. Off to dragon's lair.

Six dragons to slay today. Four roaring ones in the morning. I'd better put on fire-protective armor to shield me from being burned to charcoal.

No, I'm not losing my mind. I just simply view my job as that - dragon-slaying. All those tasks to battle with. Right. 9.00 a.m. Off to fight another dragon!

P/S: Left Nemo at home. Anne is going to breathe fire down my neck :p

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