We are having visitors today.

From yesterday, we had been making preparation for them to come. From flowers on the table, to catering, to initinerary, to gift packs. Everything has to be seen to.

Last night I was so tired that I fell asleep after Maghrib prayer and missed terawih. I woke up, groggy and still exhausted, showered, prayed, and fell asleep again after I took my medication. I was woken up from my deep slumber at 5 a.m. by my housemate, feeling a lot more refreshed. Sahur was a mug of chocolate-flavored Quaker oats, chocolate cake which my housemate brought from home, and pills. I didn't feel sleepy after that, so I just went about doing house chores that I never got to do after work due to sheer fatigue.

Am thinking of preparing tomyam for breaking of fast this evening. Or probably for next sahur, if I had to go back late today. Whatever. I just feel like eating tomyam. Oops. Why am I thinking of food at this hour? :p