A conversation 2 hours before we presented the proposal, in my room:

Chairman: We need a Vice Chairman.
Anne: Says who?
Chairman (flipped open the proposal at the appendix page, the board of committee page, pointed to Vice Chairman position which was left blank) : Says me.
Jen: I vote you.
Carneyz (busy doing another job): uhuh...
Anne: I agree.
Chairman: Vetoed out. Can't. I'm Chairman (under his breath) voted unfairly.
Jen: Even if you were there, we would have elected you anyway.
Chairman: No.
Carneyz (suddenly aware not contributing anything): I agree.
Anne & Jen: I know! Carneyz!
Carneyz (still busy completing some other tasks): Yeah.
Chairman: I can put your name?
Carneyz (suddenly aware I did something wrong): No.
Anne: You just said yes.
Carneyz: No.
Jen: Those who feel Carneyz should be VC, raise their hands & feet on the air!
Anne, Chairman & Jen: Aye!
Carneyz : NOOOO!!!

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