There's so much fury in the air nowadays as tempers fly and little things gets on people's nerve. I'm kinda tired of giving explanation. I don't really want to care, so I shall leave at that.

My boss is in a foul mood of late and though he didn't scold in front of us, he did say some uncomfortable things behind us. For example, on Monday when we came back from Singapore nearly midnight, I was so tired to ride back home that I asked the company's driver -- a nice old man -- to drop me off at my place instead.

'Pakcik tlg hantar saya balik ke Skudai, boleh tak?' was basically a simple request I made, of which I thanked him afterwards. My friend, Jen also requested to be dropped off at her place.

Such a simple request offended my boss who felt that we are being imprudent, given the fact that we are still under training program. He mentioned that we sounded like we were giving orders when we simply felt like we were requesting for his help as it was already near midnight. Luckily, the kind pak cik didn't see it the way my boss did.

Unless I put it this way -- 'Pakcik, hantarkan saya balik ke Skudai.' Then you can count that as an order.

There was also a misunderstanding of which my friend and another colleague who went to Singapore in our places, had asked permission to go window-shopping. They had mistakenly thought that they were supposed to wait at Point A, when the instruction was to wait at Point B. The whole misunderstanding resulted in an extra hour waiting, and two hours caught in the traffic jam at the immigration checkpoint. Once again, tempers flew and accusations of 'bad working attitude' and 'shopping matters more than work' were thrown at both of them.

It upset my friend that she spent the whole night crying, feeling victimized and under-appreciated. We're talking about us, the bunch of people who sacrificed extra hours in the office to finish never-ending tasks because the company didn't feel like taking extra pair of hands -- bad working attitude. Us who were roped in to do projects nobody wants to take, nevertheless would work hard to get it done, then at the last minute, project was cancelled / postponed after all the efforts that were thrown in. Or us to do whatever work that nobody felt like doing. Us with bad working attitude.

If it was 8 p.m., we wouldn't mind going back on our own. However it was nearly midnight. Ever since Jen had had her accident, I had taken precaution to just crash at Survivor's house and spend the night rather than risk riding back home. As for making unsound accusations, why choose to condemn guilty until proven otherwise? We should be given the chance to explain ourselves, yet we don't feel like it because we're still seen as guilty of all things accused of us. Enough said, when fury goes, unrepresented.

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