Wham! Bam! I ran smack into Monday. The impact left me spinning towards Tuesday. I'm still stunned.

Spent the whole day yesterday in Singapore, attending an exhibition on aviation & tourism industry. Jen & I were in-charge of manning the exhibition booth and we were bored to death knowing that we have heaps of things to do at the office. I should've packed the fax machine, my PC, telephone & brought them over to Suntec City so I could clear my urgent task. The Gala Dinner at Fullerton cheered us up and we came back almost 12 midnight.

Today started off in a hectic manner as well. The urgent task was urgent because it was time-sensitive. My boss had conveniently added more things to do in my to-do list. I nearly wept when I read the list. Welcome to my life...

As of this afternoon, I've managed to clear almost half of the tasks given. Getting media contacts are the toughest so far. It became such a hassling job to me. Sigh. Going to Singapore again tomorrow. Not looking forward to that. So not looking forward to that.

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