Aaaahhhh... Life feels great. Really greeeatttt.

My house is chaotic, my work never-ending, my company didn't keep their promise of giving us a raise after 6 months slaving away in hope of getting THAT raise (oh, I so hate it when people didn't keep their promises!), and someone is accusing me something.

OK, I've explained all but one. One and two tie with each other. If my company gave me the raise, I'll have enuff money to rent a house by myself. Moi apartement. Tout moi. Tak payah sakit hati bila someone 'forgot' to do house chores. Tak payah nak sound or remind anybody to do house chores. Tak payah makan hati bila balik keja penat2 tengok rumah tak bersapu.

The last part, ouch. That really hurts la. If only that person knew that un-sound accusations without valid proof, is the first blow that cracks any sort of relationship. Enough said.

... I better update my resume and get prepared to leave this place, leave this state and go back home. Hujan emas di negeri orang, lebih baik aku bergelar tuan di negeri sendiri. Hah!

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