This is to illustrate how a business favor works.

Breakfast session

Boss: 'Have you filled up the registration form for the Corporate Branding Conference in Singapore?'
Me: 'Not yet. The deadline is 11th, next week.'
Boss: 'Have you arranged for anyone to do it for you while we are here in KL?'
Me: '...'
(Boss opened mouth to start another round of lecture and Ainie had a look of horror on her face)
Me: 'I'll get Chairman.'

I lost count of how many 'IOUs' I had given to Chairman. Chairman had done many favors and I had repayed only about 25% of the favor. I was about to issue another IOU to him.

Me: 'Chairman...'
Chairman: 'What's up?'
Me: 'How's Jen?'
Chairman: 'You called just to...?'
Me: 'Just kidding. I need a favor.'
Chairman: 'Hmm...'
Me: 'Urgent.'
Chairman: 'What?'
Me: 'There's a form in my topmost document tray. Please help me to fill it in, then get Mr. Trump to sign it, and then fax it over to KL and Singapore.' (all said in a breath)
Chairman: 'Huh?'
Me: 'McD?'

About half an hour later, Chairman rang me up.

Chairman: 'What am I to fill? Your name? Your boss' name? Who's approving manager? What's KL fax no.? How many days to attend? I think McD is not enuff. Mr. Trump is in a bad mood today.' (I can imagine him sipping his drink and pacing up and down in front of Mr. Trump's door – a sign that he's panicking).
Me: 'Hmm. Mine & his. Mr. Trump. The number's written on the fax machine. 2 days. OK, I'll upgrade to KFC.'

About 4 pm, he rang up again.

Chairman: 'KL said, I need a memo.'
Me: 'So write one.'
Chairman: 'What?? What to write?' (Panicky)
Me: 'Go to my PC, this is my password (*****), open Outgoing Doc folder in My Doc, then just use one of those memos I had done before.'
Chairman: 'You know this is more than what we bargained?'
Me: 'And your point?'
Chairman: 'Hyatt or Pan Pac?'
Me: 'Mother father...'
Chairman: 'Deal. Nice having business with you, Carneyz.'

I made a mental note to include his name in the media lunch at any one of those hotels. Surrounded by reporters. Who would ask him lotsa questions. Ha ha. I have the last word here.

Me: 'Chairman?'
Chairman: 'What?'
Me: 'Deal.'

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