Finally it's happening. The Great Departmental Shift. When we came in this morning, we were lingering at the main area, looking lost and feeling it. Jen looked awfully miserable as she had to go to GH department, which is separated from the main office where we have been working for the last 6 months.

'Are we moving?'
'Why must I move far, far away from u guys?'
'Are we moving?'

Chairman wandered around, trying to decide which cubicle he likes best. Finally he settled to sit in front of his great buddy, my first enemy here. Then Ainie helped Jen to move her stuff while I made arrangements to go to a meeting somewhere else.

My 10.30 meeting was held in Gelang Patah at one of the well-known port. After the meeting, we were accompanied for a tour around and it was really impressive (it still hasn't beat beloved's office and talking about human sensor, I still felt like chuckling remembering the way beloved suddenly flung his arms to create a sort of a movement so the lights at his office turn on)

So now I'm under a new department at a more open space where everyone can see me blogging (no more secluded area!). To be continued...

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