Last nite there was a farewell dinner to all trainees under my division and welcome dinner to Ainie who's joining the division for the subsequent 3 months.

('Ainie, ur under my department now.' 'NO! I tot Marketing??' 'No.' 'Carneyz, I'll dieeeee!' while hugging me in the hope that she'll sap away my spirit or something)

All the managers did a 'Yee Sang' (izit correct, Jen?) including us and there were wishes uttered during the occasion:

'Bigger paycheque!' 'More success!' 'New office please...' Lastly from Ainie, 'Marry rich guy!' (tulah, dulu macam nak rak kitaorang matchmake ngan Chairman tak nak plak...)

We spent the night at Ainie's place and at 6.45 am Jen woke me up, half-groggily,
'Carneyz. Prayer time... zzzz...' (sabar jelah, tak pe Jen, in the future, u must also learn how to wake up early n pray 'Subuh'! Hah! :p)

2nd day at work felt strange. My current supervisors don't know what to do with me so they settled to give me simple tasks as to check calculations, yada2. Then my former boss asked me to join a meeting so I can hand over my pending tasks to a worried-looking Ainie (Ainie just came over to check with me whether it was Mr. K or Mr. S who told that we can keep the Xmas trees at one of the stores).

Still, I have limited opportunity to blog as my workstation is OPEN TO THE WORLD TO SEE. Oh, greattt...

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