Last nite, while my CLK sang me to sleep, I spent the time reading Sherlock Holmes story book with my feet propped up against the wall and the fan blowing hot air on my cheeks.

After a while, I got bored of reading the same book for over 20 times, and thought maybe I wanna be a writer, but before that I want to own a bookstore, but after calculating whether there will be ROI (return on investment), I decided against the idea because Malaysians still don't read books that often and if they do, they read novels like 'Diari Rogayah' or 'Cinta di Penghujung Tanduk' or something like that which I don't intend to display in my bookstore.

I stared at another of my CLK (cute little komunikator -- my handphone), wishing hard for it to ring and to my delight, it beeped in response to my ardent wish. I mean, a beep also means somebody thought about me, kan?

It was my best friend in university, Agath. She was telling me about how nervous she was about her upcoming interview as a tutor in a local university and 'God! I haven't wear a baju kurung for ages!'

Talking about baju kurung, I remembered a conversation I had last weekend when observing a girl wearing baju kurung while on a date with her boyfriend. Like any normal girls watching other girls, I opened my mouth to make a comment.

'Look at that. Pegi dating pun pakai baju kurung?'

My companion replied, 'Bagus la tu. If I went on a date with a girl wearing baju kurung... wow.' (This coming from a guy who flatly refused to wear a baju melayu, come what may)

Compulsively and automatically, I made a growling sound and uttered, 'Aaargh!' in that dangerous way that promised instant death for anybody who tried to suggest the very idea to me.

My companion was so surprised at the reaction to his reply that he said, 'Wah! Baru cakap macam tu dah menunjukkan unsur2 yang ganas & brutal? Takut la...'

Carneyz -- ganas & brutal. Perhaps there are some truths to what K. Za & K. Tini were trying to tell me.

'Awak? Ayu?? Meh akak gelak guling2 dulu dengar ayat tu...!' 'Dah la tak cun, tak ayu, brutal, bawak motor macam pelesit...'

OK apa?

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