The good thing about blogging is you get to talk even though there's nobody listening (reading) anyway. By God's grace, you get an audience or two, who gave more two-hoots about the music or the absence of music in your blog rather than what you write (Ok, ok, I'm joking, guys...) That certainly outshines talking that produces sound from voicebox, because that requires another person to listen and right now I have none.

But, Carneyz (wave hands around in emphasis), you were the one who decided to leave. Which is too true. Everybody said no, don't go and I, the one who have other plans in mind choose to go anyway. So yeah, loser, don't talk about it anymore ok. We told you so. I told you so.

I am a loser in the sense that I lost the people who were there to listen to go to a place where (look around, one more time) ... Never mind.

The truth is, I'm lonely. My new office is great-looking, I've moved uptown bla2x, not that the people are not nice, they are, but they are just - different. I haven't laugh in that feel-good way, that laughter that comes from the guts and forces itself out until you have stitches.

Aini - 'You know ayah I pernah cakap I ketawa macam setan. Tulah, ikut u guys!'
Survivor - 'Apa pulak ikut kiteorang? Sejak bila kiteorang gelak macam setan?'
Carneyz - 'Entah. I ketawa cute apa? Jen, laugh in that evil way.'
Jen - 'Don't drop my water face.'

Tu tak termasuk sesi gelak ketawa ngan Kak Za.

'Mek, cuba tengok keta tu. Naper orang tu lambai2 kat awak?'
'Kak Za! Hahaha! Tengok dieorang tak perasan keta kat depan dah jalan! Kan dah kena hon. Muahaha!'
'Memang sah dieorang bengong, kalau Kak Za jadi dieorang tak kuasa nak lambai kat awak. Dah la tak cun, tak ayu, brutal, bawak motor macam pelesit...'
'Nak balik ke tak? Kalau nak balik, diam.'
'Yalah, yalah. Hehe. Sedap pulak mengutuk awak nih.'

... Rindu la kat Mek Tot tu. Rindu sesangat.