Sadness is losing a loved one. Reaching out to grasp at a fading phantom but unable to stop nature's course. Knowing that there will never be another time to spend with the loved one.
Sadness is watching your friend goes through all those without being able to stop it because I too, will face the same fate. Only God knows when & how.

There is a lot of things that happened of late, signifying the cheers of life, but I will have to put them aside because I am griefing with her. There are tears shed, hearts broken, condolences offered. My heart ached for her.

My dearest Jen,

May God give you strength to face this sorrow, time to heal your pains, and knowledge to see that your father will no longer suffer from his bodily illness. Jen, God has blessed you with friends who care. We are all here to comfort you when you are ready to meet us.

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