What is it about words that unleash such powerful emotions? 'Love' and 'hate' are merely consonants neatly spaced alternately between vowels, but the implications are what makes mankind decide what to do with the world. They feel vindicated to lay everything on these two words.

But what is it about words that bring home meanings done in such subtlety that nobody realizes the ulterior move behind carefully selected terms? The world is full of agenda, each contrasting with another, full of denial of the stark reality.

To put it mildly and bluntly. Why the heck do they want to make my life so difficult asking me to write a press release that blanket the truth when the truth is what they want to tell? Should I begin by describing the blanket and revealing the truth as little as I could? That sounds like strip show. And it's porno. Jen probably could do a better job than I do in this.

>> Survivor asked me to be a writer. I could begin by being a copywriter. Quotation on request. Sample of job as read above. Any offer? :)