PM: We took into account the people's sentiments

KUALA LUMPUR: The Cabinet has scrapped plans to build the proposed new bridge across the Johor Straits, to replace the Causeway.The decision was made after negative public sentiments following Singapore's condition that Malaysia supply the republic with sand and allow it the use of Johor airspace.Yesterday's Cabinet meeting, after lengthy discussions on the issue which has dragged on for more than seven years, decided to stop all negotiations with the island republic on the bridge issue and defer to public sentiment...

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As far as I am concerned, this issue has been dragging since a long time ago. Malaysia wants a new bridge. Singapore does not (maybe wants to wait until the current bridge cracks or something before doing anything). Malaysia is adamant, Singapore claimed Malaysia will face certain 'legal consequences' if Malaysia goes ahead with the plan. Tapi, rupa2nya Singapore cunningly wants Malaysia to allow their jet planes to use Johor's airspace as well as for Singapore to buy Malaysia's sand for their land reclaimation purpose in exchange for this bridge thingy to happen. Johoreans object loudly and clearly that this violates the national sovereignty and how could Singapore ask for such things in the first, when this project is going to benefit Singapore citizens as well? Tak masuk akal.

Why is this issue so close at heart for me? Well. I spent a great deal of years in Johor and regards Johor as home away from home. It's a great place. I become half-Johorean during those years. So anything that upsets Johorean will cause concerns for me too. Such as this issue.Secondly, somebody I know got a job in the company that won the new bridge's construction project as well as the new CIQ complex project. Naturally, this causes a concern of whether she'd still have a job when the main project was scrapped off (but I'm sure she will). Although we are not particularly in the best of terms, I'm not going to laugh at her for what's happened, and say mean things. I'm not a mean person. I may not like her at all, but I dun think she deserves this shocking news too.

I hate mean people and I may put on the most annoying / irritating frown, or ignore people, or be totally uncooperative, but I don't do mean things. There were thousand opportunities to starve her cat, or mess up her stuffs or continued to sleep when she forgot her keys, but I don't believe in being mean. I'd rather deliberately ignore people's existence rather than deliberately say hurtful things to them (haha! bitc*ing excluded, all people do it la).

Yeah, so just hope all the best for her.

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