Trump recently remembered that he is coaching me in my MBA. He has given a parallel subject to what he gave me during my interview last time to research on and discuss tomorrow. In my panic, I have emailed Big Boss for help. After all, he is taking MBA elsewhere and he maybe has done this topic before.

On top of that, Trump dumped more things to read (on countries' competitiveness analysis, mind you) on my table with instructions to discuss this as well. And on top of that too, he has also clearly specified a book titled 'The World Is Flat' written by a Mr. Friedman who has successfully fried my brain over the weekend trying to cramp his analyses and of course, this too shall be discussed tomorrow. Horror. An essay, a 30-page document to read, and 275-page book to digest.

That didn't stop me to spend my Saturday shopping with my ex-roommate back when I was studying in UTM. We wandered around Masjid Jamek, fingering fabrics and sampling food. In our mind, we have a vision to start a business and we are testing the market first before we invest in it. At night, we went to fetch my CLK (cute little komputer) from Beloved, had dinner together, before hopping on my bike to go back to my friend's apartment where I spent the night.

You could say. It was an interesting weekend.

Note: Takziah buat Kak Noamee yang kehilangan anaknya, Adik Hilmi... Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas adik Hilmi. Al-Fatihah.