Aku dan PA Trump:
'Carneyz, appointment you ngan Dr. N next week ye? Dia tak free besok. I block Monday?'
>Scan organizer<
'Monday I on leave.'
'OK. Morning or afternoon?'
'Afternoon you kan sit in discussion ngan Datuk & Datuk H?'
'Oh yeah... pukul 3.30pm ye?'
'A'ah. OK, I block 10am. Dr. N's office.'
'Jangan lupa discussion Project A besok, 4 pm.'
'Pukul 4 ye? (scribble in organizer) Nanti I call dieorang.'

Aku & bos:
'Carneyz, I want you to go to JB next week. Tuesday.'
'Oh, but I am blocked the whole day.'
'Really? OK, make it Wednesday la.'
'In the meantime, try to submit that summary for corporate video's input by tomorrow. Datuk is anxious to see the storyboard any time soon.'
'Will do.'
'3 pm David will be in to discuss on this project. I want you to sit in.'
>bila gamaknya aku nak siapkan data tu untuk Trump padahal dier nak by Thursday. Gila, gila! Aku gila!!<

Aku & colleague:
'Carneyz, I email contact details publisher. Pastu department budget kat you.'
'Za, I rasa macam I pulak nak terberanak ni.'
'Takpelah. Take it as a challenge.'
'Apsal la u nak beranak time ni?' (dier just gelak2)
>challenge giler babas<

Aku & dia:
'Sayang, banyak betul keje. Tension la. Nasib baik ada sayang.'
'Ala, kesiannya sayang...'

P/S: Caiyok2x buat diri-sendiri...!

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