Work is taxing me, even more than usual. Ever since my colleague went off on maternity leave, I had been desperately trying to hold everything together. At the same time, Trump has piled more works on top of my shopping cart. I've had it up to my eyeballs, at the back of my teeth, beneath my skin with everything. I'm losing it.

When Trump ticked me off for submitting something less satisfactory, he said, 'You got to buck up. You're not doing fine nowadays.' I felt like throwing up my hands and told him, 'How? How do you suggest I do that??'

'In my department, I'm doing EVERYTHING. It's fine a year ago, I don't have that much responsibilities. We haven't started the website project, the customer feedback is handled by another department, the newsletter hasn't started, the corporate video was still screwed up.

Today, I'm up to my neck with all these. The website needs to be updated every week, the customers need their enquiries answered, the press releases must be written and sent out, and somebody has to write the contents of our newsletter. And you just asked us to do TWO corporate videos, for cry-out-sake!

Fine, it's ok a month ago. I can cope and throw in a few design works when I'm not even the graphic designer for this company. The next day I can submit that report you want, sure as eggs are eggs sir. But when my colleague's baby popped out, I've to take over HER job as well! Somebody has to process that publication payment, and source for new souvenir items, and submit monthly progress report. That someone is ME! And on top of that, we need to launch a campaign to protect our company's interests, well, guess again it's MY department consisting of ME and my boss. If that is not enuff, you have ME sit in meetings and stuffs...'

'I can do everything (semangat 'can do' @ Malaysia Boleh) but don't expect great momentum when the landscape keeps changing. Plus, I need an extra pair of helping hands. Why is my department only having one staff when others have two or three? Yet I'm doing work for three persons at one time.'

Wah, basuh Trump bersungguh2! But, macam biasa, it never got out of my mouth. I just keep silent but I guess the expression I wore reminded Trump of that very rebellious, devil-may-care me who started to update Jobstreet account the moment I submitted that report he yelled for a few months ago. Sorry Trump, one more toe out of the line I will let go of everything. For real this time.

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