My best friend in school was in town recently for a training and we had a blast of a time. For two nites, I bunked in with her at her hotel in Bukit Bintang, and although we did not manage to explore KL to our hearts' contents because we only meet up after work, we made up by staying up for hours just catching up on each other's news and also other friends'. That was of course the best of times. We also like to stand with our noses pressed against the hotel window to admire the scene in KL city at nite besides trying to see people from the opposite hotel.

Abby was one of my best friends and we grew up together. Whenever we had semester breaks, we hang out together with another good friend, Callie. We used to go for afternoon walks to the library and the beach, baked cookies, and went for jungle-trekking near our houses. Abby is one of the nicest person I've known because she's friendly, we happen to share a lot of interests and she's one of those cool chick who doesn't mind trying new stuffs.

The nite before she went back to Kuching, we decided to go for girls' nite out session. After work, despite the rainy weather, we went to SOGO for a bit of 'cuci mata' and also because I need to buy an office shirt to wear the next day. We ended up buying the same shirt coz we both fell in love with the black colored striped Soda shirt plus it was selling for 50% less (35 bucks only). After we were done with shopping, we walked to Medan Mara for a taste of Sate Hj Samuri so she can boast to people in Kuching that yup, the sauce was superbly delicious and the large portions of chicken chucks simply melt in her mouth, would you believe it? A tall glass of teh tarik and 10 sticks of satay later, we then made our way back to Bukit Bintang via monorail.

Once we stepped off the monorail, Abby said she wanted to have a look around in LOT 10. Lot 10 is definitely not within our shopping means, but it was just fun strolling in that area because the walkways are filled with inviting cafe and welcoming lights. Our nostrils were tempted by the heavenly smell of coffee from San Francisco, so we ended up in the cafe, chitchatting while sipping at our tall cups of frothy, chilled beverage. The slightly chilly weather made us a little bit intoxicated and we found ourselves in the mood to roam around much longer. Then we thought about the next day of having to wake up early because her flight was at 10am.

Before going back to the hotel, we made a short stop at Sushi King. My God. First, we had satay. Then we had delicious iced coffee from San Francisco. And then sushi?? Oh well, what the heck. 'It's not like I go here often,' Abby said. So, well. But we were rather full so we just shared a plate of salmon sushi and she 'tapow' a few more for her boyfriend. I love sushi so much because I'm addicted to wasabi. It's certainly a different kind of addiction :p

The next morning, we woke up at 6am. We went down for breakfast at 7am (breakfast was scrambled egg, beans in tomato sauce, turkey slice, an array of sweet cakes, and fresh fruits). Then we went up again to get our stuffs, checked out and went to KL Sentral. By the time we hugged goodbye, it was 8.15am and I had 15 minutes to reach office. Hehe. But it was seriously fun to meet Abby. I hope that someday, the three of us will get to hang out together again.