I'm not happy today. I'm seriously, seriously upset. I'm terribly devastated. Deep breathe. Exhale. Deeper breathe. Longer exhale.

A voice told me 'Sabar2x. try to accept that there's nothing more can be done about it.'
Another part said, 'NO! Everything is about compromise! But I didn't get my part of the deal. Of course I've every damn right to be angry!'

Then the first voice told me, 'So what? It's not even YOURS. It's HIS what?' Hmmphhh... Betul juga. Like I wanted that in the first place. If he's fine with that, peduli haper. Dia punya, kan? He's paying for that.

Then the other voice argued, 'My dear, you still got a part in that even though it's HIS. Anyway, will you ever be able to have YOURS later ke? Hmm... Macam tak je...'

The first voice said, 'Tak kira la. You know what you want kan? You want that, you go for it. Make sure you'll get what you want because all this compromise thing? It doesn't work, girl. You know bloody well you can't sleep well if you can't get whatever you want in the first place.'

True, true. First voice won. Blood pressure goes down to normal. The panas meletup feeling became bara api only. I can't be bothered now. It's his property, why am I so worked up like this. I will save up to get MINE later.

I don't care. I want my own and I will get it rain, shine, earthquake or no earthquake. The End.