Dear Somebody Out There,
Today I woke up miserable. Then I perked up a bit bcoz I remembered yesterday I went to cheer myself up by going for hair wash at the salon. My hair smelt really nice and it's really soft and bouncy. Unlike some people, I don't have to spend hundreds of ringgits doing re-bonding as I've been blessed with this naturally straight hair.

Dear Somebody Out There,
Today I was speeding to the office again. I knew I shouldn't do that but I had a joyous and indescribable feeling when I was zooming at 100km/h. It has been quite some time I acted in truly Minah Rempit way. I felt that when I was riding that fast, all my burdens were left behind and couldn't catch up with me.

Dear Somebody Out There,
I came in and chatted with the girls and we talked about erm, girl stuffs. They teased me because I walk fast, and my footsteps could be heard miles away. Someone once told my friend, 'Itu orang jalan aa, bumi tarak terima!' It seriously made me laugh. Ever since I was in school, I always walk fast and with firm footsteps. And I don't look left and right, but focused straight on to my destination.

Dear Somebody Out There,
Everything at work is not going great. If I could describe my work as anak ayam, then early this year I was given an anak ayam to mind. As months passed, I got a few more chicks and more and more were thrust into my hands. All the anak ayams tried to escape from my hold, and I am desperately trying to prevent them from straying away but they are too much for me to handle. I'm losing my grasp in everything. Everything.

I don't know why, but I felt like I was a fallen angel. An angel who had disgraced and then dismissed from heavens. Was I too rebellious? Perhaps. Was I too harsh in my criticisms against The Powers? Probably. Whatever it is, I'm facing difficulties at work where every minute, I can expect that I would be call in to be admonished by none other than Trump.

Anyway, today when I presented the souvenir proposal, he approved but not without saying that the souvenirs have to be all sold in six months time. I am appalled. There's no way I could sell 400 t-shirts in 6 months. We're not exactly running a retail shop, are we? Sometimes, Trump expects too much from me. I'm beginning to regret graduating as best student. With the 'best' title, people tend to expect too much even though you're inexperienced.

Dear Somebody Out There,
The only pleasant occasions today were when I received two ang-pows from one Datin who cannot make it to my majlis next month, and the other from our chairman, Datuk J who also wouldn't be able to attend the function. Maybe I should distribute my invitation to more Datuks and Datins. That way, I could get more money. Muahaha! By the way, the Datin who gave the ang-pow is a very nice lady. I like working with her and her creative director. She's such a down-to-earth person. And I'm not saying this because she gave me ang-pow ok? Datuk J, even though he rarely associates himself with us, is also a nice person.

When I came in to thank him for the early wedding gift, he was surprised to see me. 'Oh, you're the one getting married, is it?' as if I was the least expected person to give him the card. Hmm. Even Trump called me in to register his surprise. 'You're getting married??' in that I-don't-believe-this! tone. But those hardly beat the wackiest question I got from one colleague in JB who got the invitation and immediately called me:

'Why, Carneyz, why?? You broke everybody's hearts!' as if I was Siti Nurhaliza. So after this, I can expect people to criticize my wedding dress ('ugly!') / invitation card ('cheap!') / why I didn't hold a press conference announcing my wedding ('nak rahsia la tu!').

Dear Somebody Out There,
I think that's just about the only things I could confide here. If you ask me how I feel, I don't know what it is. Excited? Hmm. Nervous? Hmm. Sad? Hmm. Happy? Hmm. All I could think of right now are:

1. We're done with the filming and tomorrow, we need to drop by the production house and sit down to discuss the offline edit.
2. The calendar requires new photos and wordings for each of the pages. I will need to go to JB to discuss that with the designer.
3. How am I going to clear off 400 t-shirts in 6 months???
4. Christmas deco. How is the proposal coming along?
5. No news for the newsletter! How??
6. Sell idea to advertisers. How??
7. Can I clear those tasks before 10th? Oh, bloody hell. I'm turning into a swearing monster now.