Once upon a time, in the southernmost state, there were five best mates who called themselves the Fab Five. Their friendship was struck when they were unknowingly snared into a dungeon and bound into enslavement by the most powerful curse that could only be broken when September ends.

They were made up of four gallant girls and one quiet and wise guy. The fairest girl was known as Jen the Criticiser who’d silence Paul Moss anytime she opens her mouth. The nicest girl was known as Ainie si Cantik Manis who was the most diplomatic among them all (let’s pretend we’ve never heard the word ‘pretty’). The third member of this secret clan is known as Survivor The Crazy – who has a warped and sudden sense of humor and quite boyish in appearance. The fourth girl was Scary Carneyz, who, when she narrowed her eyes, all hell break loose. Finally, the only guy who got stuck with the girls was hailed as The Chairman, whose main role was to ferry the girls around in his BMW.

They were insaparable lots, forever emailing each other in between doing their menial chores, going for lunch (voted the most favourite time of the day) and lunch was always raucous. Because they were the youngest lots, they were always bullied into staying back in the dungeon until late at night of which the only reason they stayed sane and intact is because they had each other (apart from the soothing voice of Jen criticising the keepers of the dungeon). Of course, you couldn’t really count in The Chairman’s offer to push Jen The Criticiser on her chair around the dungeon 20 times as a sign of sanity. The Fab Five were a crazy bunch of people anyway.

During the Untouchable Days, the Fab Five hang out at bowling alleys and after tiring themselves out, they hunted for the best eating place to fill their stomachs. Scary Carneyz thinks that is the main reason why she gained so much weight that she had to starve herself during latter days, but she doesn’t deny that they had so much fun.

Then one day, everything changed.

The curse was broken.

New people came to the dungeon and The Chairman switched clans.

Jen The Criticiser finally got her wish to break free and earn more elsewhere.

Scary Carneyz transferred to a quieter, more uptown and chic dungeon, still enslaved.

Thus, the Fab Five were forced to disband to follow their own destinies.

But in their deepest hearts, they wish that maybe someday, they can get back together. Maybe open a café like they used to talk about over dinner.

The End.

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