Ever since I came back from my Raya hols, I had a feeling like my head is being dunked under-water so my thoughts are all murky and soggy. You know, you got a feeling when you try to think hard, everything turns out fuzzy like a photo captured under water.

I tried to be more organized to help me think more clearly but even the effort is hard to achieve. It makes me exasperated.

Luckily, that didn't affect me from accomplishing my tasks. I managed to clear off a lot more things than before the raya break - I guess I really needed that break because at that point, I had gone stagnant. I was tired and fed up with everybody at work and everything that needed to be done. Now that I had unwind, things start to roll smoother and faster. Let's just hope to God that everything turns out ok.

Perhaps my under-the-water experience has got to do with my well-being. As soon as I got back to KL, I was down with flu. It's very easy for me to catch that bug. When I studied my horoscope, Geminis or those born in June are susceptible to lung-related diseases. Apparently, our lungs are quite sensitive. So we are most prone to flu, cough, etc.

I'm also worried about something that keeps tugging at the back of my head. I wish I can tell it here, but it's kinda private. The problem with me is I'm such a worrier. I think I need to straighten out my desk again and do my laundry tonight so I'll stop worrying and start focusing on more important things. Like my next 5 years plan. Yeah, right.

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